In the LEGO Alpha Team Range, there's "Mission: Deep Sea" and "Misson: Deep Freeze", but were there any sets in the same "theme" as the computer game (and the same characters)?

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I think the original Alpha Team sets are the one's you're looking for, including the LEGO Alpha Team Secret Mission Collectors Pack which includes:

  • [bs:6771] with Ogel
  • [bs:6773] with Dash
  • [bs:6774] with Cam and Flex

There are also:

  • [bs:6772] with Radia
  • [bs:6775] with Charge, Crunch and Tee Vee (a robot)
  • [bs:6776] with Ogel and two minion commanders.
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    Ah, yes, that's it. I remember 6773 as I had that copter with the transparent rotors. I also remember Tee Vee from the video game, an interesting combination of minifigure legs, a computer screen, and an aerial.
    – tombull89
    Jan 12, 2012 at 13:35

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