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Where can I get a large number of LEGO bricks cheap? [duplicate]

Yes, I see other people's amazing MOC's all the time, and think, "man, I could totally do that if I had enough bricks." The problem is, I don't really know where to look for a whole bunch of LEGO ...
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Best place/way to buy masses of bricks [duplicate]

I am always having to take apart models I made to make new ones :'( and it really is bugging me. I don't want to buy specific sets, as they cost a lot because of the work that went into designing ...
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Any good alternatives to BrickLink?

I'm trying to find certain bricks online, and of course, came across BrickLink. But it's so darn hard to use it; search is absolutely useless, and I can't figure out how to use the catalog for the ...
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Starting a wholesale LEGO business

I would like to start a company trading in bulk LEGO. I have been told, however, that trading in volume is quite difficult and good discounts are only really given to the likes of Walmart and other ...
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Where can I get 'classic' Lego heads from?

The new heads with expressions are all well and good, but I for one prefer the expressionless 'classic' faces. Are they available anywhere?
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How can I minimize the number of merchants for given set of requested bricks?

This question should be answered in Bricklink FAQ, but I didn't find answer there. I'm a casual Lego hobbyist, I have a few sets with random pieces missing, about two dozens of them. Some are truly ...
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Tips for getting enough bricks to make a MOC with unified style

In the past, I made MOC's out of my LEGO Star Wars sets. At this point in my life, I don't really want to take those apart for pieces and I'd much rather have them on display. Recently, I have been ...
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Where can I find LEGO technic pieces? [closed]

I love the design by me software, but there are too few LEGO Technic pieces. Do you know somes places (in Europe) where I can find LEGO Technic pieces without buying sets ?
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Selling custom LEGO image mosaics using original LEGO bricks without breaking LEGO's Fair-Use Policy

We have designed software and an accompanying site to convert images into 48x48 (or larger) LEGO mosaics; we use the current LEGO color palette, use image dithering to improve color availability, ...
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Average price per weight of new bricks in sets purchased for retail price?

What would be a reasonable estimate for the price per pound of pieces purchased for the retail price in sets? If the weight of a good sample of sets (not including the packaging or instructions) were ...
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What is the most cost effective way to get basic bricks in bulk?

I've seen another question (What's the most cost effective and efficient way to buy bricks?) that asks where the best place to buy specific bricks in small quantities are. That is helpful when ...
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Alternative to LEGO Education for Technic parts?

I am trying to work through the LEGO Education platform, however am stuck at where to buy a big set of gears and similar from. There are sets of 50pcs for $40+, which is clearly a ripoff. Or 500 ...
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