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Can you help identify what set these parts belong to? [duplicate]

Can you help identify what set these parts belong to? There is two blue octagonal parts, two red parts, dark grays, blacks and bananas.
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I have this bag of mostly reds with light grays [duplicate]

I have this bag of mostly reds with light grays. Some blues, yellows, and orange. What set would these legos belong to?
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Unidentified lego bag [duplicate]

This bag I can't identify. It's full of black and gray pieces. I found this bag of lego parts marked 732R3 #22. Help me know what it goes to. I've had no luck searching.
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Where can I find instruction booklets?

Is there any place where scans or PDFs of instruction booklets can be downloaded?
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Is there anything like a 'recipe generator' for LEGO models?

For me, most of the fun of LEGO toys, is building new things from the instructions. Rebuilding things can be fun, but if I know I have certain bricks (or even sets), is there somewhere to cross-...
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How do I identify a LEGO part?

Over the vast years of collecting bricks of various sizes and sets, I find that during my free builds I run low on a specific type of brick. How can I go about identifying what the brick is named and ...
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Does anyone know or can identify these pieces? Lots of long tan, and blue, and white

I bought this from an auction the box that came with it was from LEGO city but judging from the colors it seems like its the wrong box. Can anyone identify?
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How can I identify a set based on one or more original sealed bags?

I have recently come into possession of one or more sets in the form of factory-sealed individual bags made of transparent plastic, containing various LEGO elements. There is neither box nor any ...
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I have two unopened bags of LEGO, I can’t figure out what set they're from

Two bags from Goodwill, bags are marked 2017, number 135149 (which I’ve heard is not useful information anyway)... The QR code unfortunately would not work on the LEGO app.
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How do I identify a new sealed bag of Lego

I've bought the Lego set 11019 Fun Functions for my daughter. Bag number 5 isn’t in it just a blank bag plus the pieces don’t match up with the helicopter instructions number 5 is supposed to make. ...
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What Lego set is this from? minifig-scale bumpy grey spaceship

I got this in a bundle but no idea what set it's from. Thanks for your help
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Is a huge box of old unsorted Lego and non-Lego pieces with no instructions or boxes of any value?

I have an old big bin of at least 20,000 Lego and Lego-like pieces. I never kept the boxes or the instructions when I was finished building sets and I have Lego pieces from at least 50 different sets, ...
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Set identification: Ninjago style dragon

Can someone identify the set containing this (part of probably) creature? Found it in a box at a thrift sale, along with 2 ninjago motos and snake-headed minifigs, all of this may or may not be in the ...
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Help identifying bricks set - Tan brown black bricks, gold cones [closed]

I have bag of Lego but can’t identify what they are. Package number 7 with 728R0 on the bag. Tan brown black bricks some gold cones and single red piece
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Can anyone help me identify what set this pack is from please? white pieces with a distinctive minifig

Hi, I am struggling to identify what set this pack is from. It came randomly with a box of various toys, so nothing for reference!
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