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Questions tagged [animation]

Questions regarding building techniques and practices of LEGO stop-motion animation.

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7 votes
1 answer

Why isn't the LEGO logo on studs in more official computer animated shows, movies, and games?

In the LEGO Simpsons episode Brick Like Me there are many shots where the tops of studs are clearly visible but lack the logo- the smooth tops make them look like a cheap knock-off brand. A ...
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6 votes
1 answer

How to distinguish official LEGO mini movies from non-official movies?

My sons (7 and 4.5 years old) love watching LEGO city mini movies on YouTube. They love watching all kinds of LEGO city mini movies, such as: Arctic Explorers The Escape From Prison Island ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Are there any resources with 3D models of every Chima piece w/prints?

I'm looking for Chima pieces for a 3D animation project. Preferably compatible with Mecabricks. The characters in question do not matter though I would like if the resource had parts from an Ice Bear ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Do you cut a LEGO knife to create an illusion of a minifigure getting stabbed?

I have watched many action animations and this question keeps bugging me. Does anyone know?
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0 votes
2 answers

How did they make the LEGO Batman cutscenes?

I want to know what programs they used to make the videos the old LEGO video games like the 2008 LEGO Batman, 2007 Lego Star Wars, and maybe the 2011 LEGO Star Wars for a little modern-ish feel. I ...
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