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Questions based on sets from our Annual Support Package from The LEGO Group

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1 answer

LEGO color discrepancies and tint variations

While building my copy of set 21310 - Old Fishing Store, I noticed that there are several shades of Sand Green amongst the many tiles of this set. The picture below shows just the 1x4 tiles included ...
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What are some uses of part 93589?

I discovered that part 93589: Was used in the Creator set Extreme Engines (31072): This element strikes me as the sort of part-out-of-other-parts that was created to serve a single purpose: the ...
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12 votes
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How can I motorize 42077 Technic Rally Car with LEGO Power Functions?

The new 42077 Technic Rally Car set looks really nice, and even has a built-in steering system which can be controlled by a gear on the top. There's also a fair bit of extra room inside, is there a ...
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Was the LEGO flower petal redesigned?

I noticed part 24866 in one of our sets from TLG: This looks a bit different to me. Has this part been redesigned?
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