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Bags in Lego 21029 Buckingham Palace Architect

Does anyone know how many bags are in Lego set 21029 Buckingham Palace Architect set Thanks in advance
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Question about "Arch 1 x 2 Inverted" [duplicate]

So, I'm creating round windows for my temple build. My current approach uses 2 1x4 arches (the stubby kind) with one of them upside down and some complicated mechanisms for keeping it in place. ...
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What is the white building pictured in the San Francisco (21043) set?

Can someone help identify what the red-circled building is (not the cylindrical Coit Tower) in this set? The others are obvious, but this one does not seem to be identified in any of the official ...
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Are there more instructions for LEGO Architecture Studio?

I have a LEGO Architecture Studio set of 1210 pieces. The set have a book about architecture and techniques but it have no instructions for, e.g. build a pyramid, building or others. So I want to know ...
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Known quality control issue with 10234 Sydney Opera House?

I have just completed 10234 Sydney Opera House, with one white half-shell (Bricklink: 41749 White Wedge 8x3x2 Open Right) missing. Both the Bricklink inventory and the Lego instructions show 34 of ...
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Whatever happened to Architecture 21015 Eames House?

The set was scheduled to be released in 2012, no such luck. Any idea on why it never came out? Was looking forward to building it.
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Why do the tubes in the Seattle Space Needle Architecture set need to be cut?

I just received the Seattle Space Needle from the Architecture series. There are tubes that the builder is required to cut to a certain length for the model. This is the first time I've encountered ...
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