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Questions tagged [bluetooth]

A proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. Used by the NXT for communication between the programmable brick and a PC or Mobile device.

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EV3 Brick and Commander app Bluetooth disconnecting

On iOS on an iPad, we're having an issue with the EV3 Brick and Commander app Bluetooth connection constantly disconnecting. The brick just stops responding, so we turn the brick off to disconnect and ...
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Problem to connect my NXT to Bluetooth. everything else run fine

I use Windows 11 (64 bit). NXT sw v2.1, NXT firmware 1.31. I have reinstalled these several times, without success. Everything seems to work fine except to connect via Bluetooth, that fails most of ...
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Bluetooth connection to EV3 from Java on Linux/Android

I would like to connect to my EV3 from PC (and then Android) via Bluetooth. I was able to connect to NXT with LEGO-MINDSTORMS-MINDdroid which uses direct LCP commands but as far as I know the ...
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How do I control one EV3 using another through bluetooth and LabVIEW?

I have LabVIEW 2014 and I'd like to control make one EV3 move forward using another through bluetooth using LabVIEW, and I don't want to have to use the computer as a relay. How do I do this?
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Bluetooth connection between EV3 brick and MacBook Pro fails after 2 seconds

As I was adviced, I searched for same questions before posting mine but although some are similar, I can't make their answer useful for my problem. I have a Mindstorms EV3 Education brick and a ...
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NXT not updating, "Cannot locate NXT device to download firmware!"

I am using a Bluetooth connection trying to update firmware from 1.05 to 1.31 and it displays the message: Cannot locate NXT device to download firmware! My NXT works fine other than that. I got ...
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How to receive response from direct_command_reply from EV3 using Python?

I've established and tested a Bluetooth connection (by playing a tone) between EV3 and Mac running Yosemite with Python 2.7.11. I used file write as in bt.write(tone) in Python to play the tone ...
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Bluetooth communication between computer and nxt using RobotC

I'm thinking starting a project involving controlling the movement of a NXT robot from the PC using RobotC. Is it possible? Does anyone have a simple code solution?
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