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Did LEGO ever make motorised boats?

Did LEGO ever make motorised boats? Or an official motor that could be attached to LEGO floating boats.
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What is water displacement value for LEGO solid hulls?

I'm building a boat model out of LEGO and I need to decide which boat hull to use. I need the smallest that can carry 485g of load. Where can I get information about water displacement of unitary LEGO ...
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How can you get the pipes on Steamboat Willie to work reliably?

We recently began building 21317 Steamboat Willie. We've got it mostly built, but the pipes keep getting stuck. The rear one works, but the front one keeps getting stuck up and won't go down. We've ...
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What is this heavy red LEGO piece with no obvious connectors? [duplicate]

I got a bulk box of LEGO on eBay and this was in it. It has the LEGO logo at either end but the pegs at the bottom don’t connect to anything. It’s heavy, like a battery, but no connectors and it doesn’...
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Which are the largest LEGO ships that actually float?

My kids are frantic about LEGO ships, and I was wondering which are largest ships ever made. Of course, they need to be actually able to float in a pool.
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How versatile are the parts in a lego pirate ship set?

I am looking at buying one of the pirate ship sets, such as 6285-1: Black Seas Barracuda, however, I am concerned the parts in the set are too specialized, and could not be easily adapted to make ...
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Do LEGO bricks float?

Is it possible to build a boat out of LEGO bricks? I appreciate you couldn't make it watertight but would a LEGO boat float by itself due to the buoyancy of the bricks themselves? Pictures of any ...
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