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Questions tagged [building]

Interested in building techniques? Then this is the tag for you.

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Plate perpendicular to bottom of 2x2 round: is this connection legal?

I've played enough with 2x2 round plates and 1-stud-wide plates to know that it's possible to attach a plate underneath a 2x2 plate and perpendicular to it, like so: The same connection is possible ...
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How To Ensure Only One Brick is Fed Into a Lego Sorting Machine at a Time?

In this video, they create a machine that can take a bunch of legos put on to a conveyor belt and, using a camera, sort them into a number of categories. I am building a (smaller) version of this, and ...
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How to effectively attach mirrored stickers to an interior curved surface?

I'm working on 10283, Space Shuttle Discovery and I've reached pack 13 step 282 where I'm assembling the cargo bay doors. These doors have reflective stickers that attach to the insides of the curved ...
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Digital tool for roller coaster physics

I'm currently working on a roller coaster MOC with a looping. I started physically building the MOC but quickly recognised that it is quite a mess to build something, tear it down rebuild it, etc. ...
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LEGO Bugatti Issues

This is my first post and my first LEGO set. I recently built LEGO Bugatti Chiron with all the features working. I am however having an issue with the rear axle/wheels. The rear brake calipers fall ...
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How to build an arch that is angled out of Lego?

I am currently working on a MOC for the USS Orville and I am trying to figure out the engines. I have gone through a couple of iterations on my current version, but it always buckles under its own ...
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Building technique for modelling Thomas the Tank Engine faces

I'm building Thomas the Tank Engine trains, and I'm looking for techniques to build realistic faces. I'd like the trains be able to run on standard LEGO rails, so I'm targeting 8-wide engines. This ...
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How can you get the pipes on Steamboat Willie to work reliably?

We recently began building 21317 Steamboat Willie. We've got it mostly built, but the pipes keep getting stuck. The rear one works, but the front one keeps getting stuck up and won't go down. We've ...
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