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Legends of Chima is a Lego theme released in 2013, set in a fantasy land called "Chima" where various animal tribes are at war with one another, battling to collect a magic substance called "CHI".

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Are there any resources with 3D models of every Chima piece w/prints?

I'm looking for Chima pieces for a 3D animation project. Preferably compatible with Mecabricks. The characters in question do not matter though I would like if the resource had parts from an Ice Bear ...
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1 answer

Identifying some LEGO figures

I just bought my kid these awesome LEGO figures. Can anyone identify them, since we are looking up their building instruction. Thank you
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1 vote
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Chima Speedorz game -- how to play?

Lego Chima Speedorz sets include cryptic instructions on how to play the game, but I'm unable to fully understand them. I'm looking for a comprehensive answer or guide that details the game rules.
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