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What's the best way to clean your bricks? What's the best way to care for them? These sorts of questions and more should be tagged with this tag.

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17 answers

LEGO cleaning techniques and tools

Previously I've used toothbrushes but maybe these would eventually scratch the surface. What have you used? And was it easy? As well as cleaning, what about drying and buffing? Has anyone tried ...
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32 votes
2 answers

How do you repair yellowed or faded LEGO blocks?

In particular, I've had white blocks that have yellowed in places. Can the colour consistency be restored? Or at least improved? I'd be more interested in people's actual experiences rather than ...
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19 votes
9 answers

Cleaning between the studs of a build

I've unpacked a few of my models after moving home some time ago, these models have been in a cardboard boxes for several months and need cleaning: I've tried compressed air, which only makes some of ...
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Is it safe to wash LEGO pieces in the dishwasher?

I've heard from a lot of people that LEGO can be washed in the dishwasher, but I'm concerned about warping, losing stickers, wearing off of painted pieces, etc. Is it safe to actually wash them in the ...
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1 answer

Why are old LEGO bricks more brittle than new ones?

My vintage LEGO sets (circa 1980) are difficult to unbuild. Some pieces are prone to break. Did the plastic recipe change with time or are the bricks simply degrading?
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4 answers

How to remove printed decoration

This is probably heresy, but how can I remove the printed decoration on a brick? I managed to buy a large number of bricks with an eye decoration cheap and found that rubbing a long time with ...
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Are all the Magnet minifigs now glued on and how should I remove them?

A couple of years ago (around 2010 I think), I bought a number of the Star Wars magnet sets, as they looked like a (slightly) economical way of buying a number of specialist characters (including the ...
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14 votes
2 answers

How to remove scratches from LEGO windshield parts?

I was storing my windshields from cars with other my bricks. Now they are scratched, nearly not transparent just translucent. Is there a way to sanitize transparent parts from scratches?
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1 answer

How many hours of travel does it take to wear out LEGO monorail tires?

I've seen some pretty impressive LEGO tire driven/cushioned monorail displays that put miles of wear on the track and the train cars that ride on it. I'm hoping a monorail expert can tell me (about) ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Pneumatic pistons getting sticky

My sons "9641 Pneumatics Add on Set" now suffers from stiction. How can this be fixed? Can it be cleaned? Is there a recommended lubricant?
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1 answer

Neutralize brick scent

I store some used Lego sets in household plastic boxes originally used for candy. I thought they were ideal, but now I found out the bricks have caught an unpleasant candy scent -- despite cleaning ...
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How does cleaning yellowed Lego bricks affect their clutch power?

Will cleaning yellowed bricks (via the retr0brite solution) decrease the clutch power of lego bricks? I've also heard that certain colors of embellishments on the minifigs or bricks do not hold up ...
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1 vote
2 answers

What kind of soap can I use to clean LEGO?

I have some LEGO bricks I would like to clean some old sets and parts I bought from Brick Owl. So I would like to know what soap is the safest for cleaning the LEGO parts I was thinking maybe soft ...
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