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Companies who make bricks that are compatible with LEGO bricks.

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In what ways are LEGO and Megabloks incompatible?

I know that the basic bricks of LEGO and Megabloks fit together, but was wondering if other elements do too. Such as: Plates Rods (Ones Minifigures can hold, not Technic) Right angle (such as Erling)...
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General guidelines to identify real LEGO pieces from fake or copy?

I see a lot of questions here about if a certain piece is really LEGO or not and this made me wonder if there is any guideline to follow to identify real LEGO piece from the duplicate or fake one? I ...
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9 votes
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Please help identify this vintage (but non-Lego) brick!

It's time to play the "what brick is this" game, and this time our contestant is definitely non-Lego, yet vintage. This brick was in a small lot of early-60's Samsonite Lego bricks, and I am assuming ...
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2x2 plate with round section and rubber bristles?

Very strange piece with soft rubber bristles. Bought in a misc box from a garage sale for my son and daughter.
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What LEGO clone brand are these with 4-peg studs?

I think this was a present in the mid-late 80s. Very sophisticated building blocks for top-view apartment-room design. They also had furniture and appliances. Can anyone tell me the brand etc?
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Are these bricks old LEGO/Duplo clones?

Can anyone identify these bricks, which I suspect are LEGO clones. They may be more than 30 years old. I bought them on ebay as Betta Bilda from LEGO/Duplo dealer. Some BB was included, but these are ...
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I got a vintage roof brick that is very nice but can’t find what it is?

I got these parts in a lot, but can’t find any history or brand or set on them?
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7 votes
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How can I tell if minifigures are custom-made or LEGO Originals?

I see that on Amazon you can find a lot of minifigures but I can't tell if they are cheap knock-offs or not.
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6 votes
3 answers

What kind of Lego-compatible figures are these?

Can anyone tell me about these Lego-compatible figures? They clearly aren't Lego brand, they don't look like Mega Blok figures or Tyco figures that I have seen (not that they couldn't be one of those ...
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Need help identifying helmet

I cannot identify this minifigure helmet I have. It looks like some sort of a biker helmet. This piece came in a bulk of parts, which are LEGO, however not entirely sure this is legit LEGO piece. It ...
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Looking for instructions for Air Canada Mega Bloks polybag 99911/99912

When I was a child I received a Mega Bloks airplane set on an Air Canada flight. I still have most of the pieces but cannot find the instructions. The closest I can find is this eBay image of 99913 ...
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Modified 3x2 Plate with Rubber Bristle Bottom and snap-on cover? [duplicate]

I've had this odd little part laying around my desk for some time - does anyone know what it is? There's no Lego logo anywhere, and I've searched BrickLink somewhat comprehensively, so I'm guessing ...
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Can someone identify this brick?

I'm looking for a kind of brick, the brand or the model, which has this specifications: The top has studs. The bottom doesn't have tubes. However, the bottom has support walls in the middle. Here is ...
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Which set are these Mega Bloks pieces from?

Please help me identify which Mega Bloks set or sets these bricks are from. Any help is appreciated.
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Looking for instructions to Mega Bloks “Blok Bots” 9356 set

I need instructions for Mega Bloks "Blok Bots" set 9356. Can't find it on
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Where is an instruction sheet for Ausini set 25418 guitar?

I bought an Ausini brick set AUS-25418, which is a guitar, however as cheap as it was the price, it didn't have the building instructions, at least it looks like no piece bags or stickers are missing. ...
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I'm missing a few pieces in my XingBao set

I just finished the second floor of XingBao's 5052 piece Maritime Museum. And while I'm pretty impressed with the overall quality of the building, I thusfar am missing 4 parts. Is there a way I can ...
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