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Collectable Minifigures (branded as Lego Minifigures) are minfigures sold randomly in polybags in series.

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Is there a reliable way to determine what minifigure is in a LEGO Minifigures series package?

I would love to have one of each minifigure from the various LEGO Minifigure series. Unfortunately, as you receive a random minifigure in each package, this is more difficult than it should be. I ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to obtain a replacement part for a collectible minifigure?

My son's latest collectible minifigure purchase was missing its legs. Is it possible to get a replacement set of legs?
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6 votes
1 answer

What is the difference between the plastic used in mainstream minifigs and the plastic used to make the popular collectable series of minifigs?

What is the difference (if there even is a difference) between the plastic used in mainstream minifigs and the plastic used in the popular collectable minifig series? It seems to me that the ...
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Is LEGO testing the market with the Minifigure Series?

I looks to me that LEGO is testing the market by using the Minifigure Series. It seems logical to try all kind of different themes and see which ones are gaining traction. For example: Minifigure ...
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Is there a standard distribution of minifigs when you purchase an entire case?

The last couple of times I purchased a case of collectable minifigures, each one had three complete sets (16 x 3), plus an extra 12 remainder of random minifigs. My last case I ordered only had two ...
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