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Questions tagged [colour]

Questions about colour correctness, colour similarities and how to best use certain colours.

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Was the color variation on 1970's transparent pieces really that bad or are mine unusual?

Having gone through a bunch of old 1970's Lego (I rebuild all my original sets during the Covid lockdown) I noticed that color-less transparent bricks and slopes have a lot of color variation to them. ...
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Different shades of Transparent colors for Lego part 30602

I have two 30602 lego parts that look slightly different. The top one is "transparent black" but the bottom is a bit darker. Does anybody know what's going on here? I'm trying to identify ...
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Alternative Colour for Halberds in Lava RoboRider 8510

I recently bought a second-hand lot of RoboRiders, and noticed Lava included two halberds in dark gray instead of black, as listed in the BrickLink inventory. Did this set ever include dark gray ...
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HiTechnic Color Sensor analog

HiTechnic sales support said that HiTechnic color sensor hasn't been manifactured yet. Currently it's out of stock in HiTechnic shop. Is there any analog of this sensor except NXT/EV3 color sensors?
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In Studio, when switching color filter to "Available colors in BrickLink" all bricks have no color available and pricing is missing

As soon as I switch color filter to "Available colors in BrickLink" all bricks have no color available - even what I assume are the most common brick types... I also appear to receive no ...
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