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Robot Commander is the official command app from LEGO Mindstorms for Android and iOS. It allows you to remotely control the EV3 Brick via Bluetooth, and includes pre-built controllers for the included robots as well as the ability to create your own interfaces.

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EV3 Brick and Commander app Bluetooth disconnecting

On iOS on an iPad, we're having an issue with the EV3 Brick and Commander app Bluetooth connection constantly disconnecting. The brick just stops responding, so we turn the brick off to disconnect and ...
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How can I have EV3 Commander App continue running the motor when I release the slider?

I'd like to control a drawing robot that I am building with EV3 Commander App. The problem is that EV3 Commander App stops the motor as soon as I release the slider. Is there an option with EV3 ...
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Can a EV3 program run simultaneously with the Running Robot commander app?

Is it possible to run the Robot Commander app and a program on the EV3 brick at the same time? If so how would it be accomplished?
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Trouble with Commander app: Using buttons to control motors

I'm having trouble with the Commander app for Android. I've put an EV3 into set 8448. I'm using one of the large motors for propulsion and a medium motor for rack and pinion steering. I don't have the ...
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