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Questions about the inter-compatibility of different brick sets, or between bricks and some other objects.

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Are LEGO Quatro compatible with larger bricks? Soft Bricks or other?

There is a nice discussion here on LEGO+Duplo+Quatro compatibility. I posted what I found here where a LEGO storage block is the right dimension to be double a Quatro (4x Duplo, 8x normal). However, ...
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6 votes
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Connections for windup key holes?

I recently bought a set with a Windup Key (piece 29979/79812) and took note of its holes since they're slightly smaller than the standard rod / minifig accessory diameter. After an (admittedly brief) ...
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Makeblock and LEGO PF cable synthesis

My 10yo son and I have ventured into the realm of taking our LEGO hobby up a notch with robotics. We have built the makeblock mbot and adapted LEGO bricks and want to incorporate the Power Functions ...
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