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For question regarding the the different ways pieces can be connected to each other.

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What is the best way to connect SPIKE prime angular motor to a wheel

I was wondering if there is a difference in the amount of torque transferred to the wheels from a LEGO SPIKE prime angular motor (45603 LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Medium Angular Motor) depending on: ...
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Plate perpendicular to bottom of square brick/plate: is this connection legal?

This is closely related to the question about jamming plates underneath 2x2 round bricks, (and indeed prompted by a comment there), with differences explained later. It is possible to attach a plate (...
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Plate perpendicular to bottom of 2x2 round: is this connection legal?

I've played enough with 2x2 round plates and 1-stud-wide plates to know that it's possible to attach a plate underneath a 2x2 plate and perpendicular to it, like so: The same connection is possible ...
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2 answers

Bionicle Tooth: Legal Connection?

I’m finishing a MOC on stud.IO and have found that it doesn’t recognize a couple connections as legal. This happens on occasion with connections I know are legal, but I’m not sure about these two. ...
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2 answers

How can I connect a 4mm Stepper motor shaft to a technic gear?

How can I connect a 4mm or 6mm stepper motor D shaft to an old Technic gear? I would like to mount an old 8-tooth gear to a 4-6 mm diameter stepper motor shaft. Lego part: 3647: Stepper motor: ...
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Connected EV3 bricks don't react (EV3 Classroom)

I have a big robot that needs four big motors to drive it and two small motors for other functions -> I need two bricks to communicate with each other because they need to use the same sensors. I ...
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Is there a way to create a database of bricks that are connected in different sets

I'd like to build a database (for a machine learning project) of which parts are connected to which part for a large library of (official) Lego sets. Is any such database available or would it be ...
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What does 18853 (Friends flower) connect to besides 37695 (Plant stem with 3 leaves) or 11609 (Friends accessories star)?

What does 18853 (Friends flower) connect to besides 37695 (Plant stem with 3 leaves) or 11609 (Friends accessories star)? Is there a good way to attach it to common plant stems (3741) like this one:
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Can cherries connect to anything?

Can the Cherry Piece connect to anything such as a hollow 1x1 round plate or a 1x1 round brick?
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3 answers

In LEGO: How to build a revolving magazine rack for 2x3 tiles?

I've been trying for months to come up with a design or parts for a 4-sided spinning magazine rack, like the old wire-style you would see in book stores. I need it to be fairly stable so I can put in/...
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How to connect fire to Lord Business' Coffee Mugs?

So, we have Lord Business' Evil Lair (70809-1), and we also have some two-tone flames from another set. How can the flames be attached to Lord Biz' coffee mugs (as seen in The LEGO Movie)? + The ...
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3 answers

Putting flipped plates together as close as possible

I have two plates that I would like to connect together and collapse with the studs facing out like in the image below. I need the two plates to sit as close together as possible. But I'd like them to ...
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8 votes
5 answers

Horizontal connection between plates

If I only have minimum height available (one plate), how can I make a horizontal connection between two components? I need the connection to be easily disconnectable yet sturdy (like technic bricks ...
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4 answers

Combine Duplo feet with regular LEGO

I would like to place this Duplo pig directly on Lego bricks/pieces. I tried an intermediate Duplo 2x4 plate with Lego bricks underneath, but it doesn't look good. The problem is that Duplo feet ...
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Harley Davidson chain belt running jolty

I am building the Harley Davidson Fat Boy from Creator Expert (10269) and when installing the chain belt that connects the engine gears to the rear wheel I noticed that it runs quite jolty, with the ...
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Is connecting LEGO studs on Technic pins legal?

I see it in MOCs all the time, and I’ve seen studs connect on half pins in official sets, but what about full pins?
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6 answers

How can my daughter turn her horse into a unicorn?

Short of gluing the horn to the purple bow, which fits in the horse’s forehead, is there a LEGO piece that would enable her to connect the horn to the horse?
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3 answers

LEGO Enclosure Clasp

I'm working on refining my first MOC design for a LEGO dice tower with a landing area that can also be used as storage for dice and possibly some miscellaneous other table-top gaming "goodies". To ...
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What part(s) can I use to connect technic liftarms with modules?

I have the following setup: How can I connect the liftarm to the stacked bricks? The holes have different distances, so I can't just use black pins. Any suggestions?
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3 answers

Technic Pin/Travis Brick Legal Connection?

Is seating a Travis brick on a Technic pin a legal connection? TLG has used this construction at least once (M-Tron Particular Ionizer's "rotor"), but that was in the early 90s. Will this connection ...
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3 answers

How can I mount a Dino head to a wall?

I would like to mount the head of the Dino Triceratops, Item No: 30460, onto a brick/connector so it would be possible to fix it to a wall or over a door entrance. Any ideas on that?
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3 answers

Is there any way to connect “sideways” to an axle?

There are some pieces whose middle part is shaped like a Technic axle, but that have elements on both ends that make it impossible to insert them into a normal axle or Technic hole: This makes me ...
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