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Questions tagged [connections]

For question regarding the the different ways pieces can be connected to each other.

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Plate perpendicular to bottom of 2x2 round: is this connection legal?

I've played enough with 2x2 round plates and 1-stud-wide plates to know that it's possible to attach a plate underneath a 2x2 plate and perpendicular to it, like so: The same connection is possible ...
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Connections for windup key holes?

I recently bought a set with a Windup Key (piece 29979/79812) and took note of its holes since they're slightly smaller than the standard rod / minifig accessory diameter. After an (admittedly brief) ...
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Which alternative electric connector is compatible with 12V plugs?

Which alternative commercial off-the-shelf electric connector matches with the LEGO 12V connector? Are there for example mini-banana-plugs which match with the LEGO standard?
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