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Questions tagged [control-plus]

An electronic control system introduced in 2019 to replace the Power Functions system.

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App-Controlled Cat® D11 Bulldozer

I'm having a problem with the App-Controlled Cat® D11 Bulldozer (42131). The option Module 2 test has disappeared from the app. How do I get it back?
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Lego 42129 automatic suspension lift

Has anyone looked at a mod to lower the suspension on the LEGO 42129 4x4 Mercedes-Benz trail truck when the differential lock activates. I was thinking about a few linear Actuators but never had a set ...
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42114 (6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler) doesn’t operate bucket and also doesn’t drive

My 42114: 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler drives in first gear for a moment, then stops completely; same thing with 2nd and 3rd gear. It doesn’t operate the bucket either. I suspect I forgot to add a pin ...
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Caterpillar D11 (set 42131). Control+ app doesn't seem to work

I just finished my build of the Caterpillar bulldozer D11 (set 42131) and I'm NOT able to operate it with the Control+ app on my iPhone. First the calibrate process begins: Step 1 in that is to move ...
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Control Lego Technic Control+ Hub via Python

Is it possible to control the Lego Technic Control+ Hub with Python? I have tried using Pybricks but that didn't work well for me.
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What internal electronics does the Control+ Technic Hub (88012) use?

I'm interested in comparing to the other Powered Up hubs, which are already documented here: Mindstorms v4 / spike prime What internal electronics do SPIKE Prime and Mindstorms v4 use? train 6AAA hub ...
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Technic Medium Hub - Supported Gestures of Gesture Recognition Sensor?

I am in process of writing a .NET library for PoweredUp and I am currently trying my luck with the Gesture sensor in the TechnicMediumHub (aka Control+ Hub). Below the dump of the Port(Mode)...
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The Powered Up app won't connect to my Technic Hub

I have recently bought a Technic Hub and four Powered Up L motors, but currently I only put two motors into the B and D ports of the hub. I downloaded the Powered Up app to a tablet and used the "...
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How deep can the axle go in the Powered Up L motor?

I am trying to make a MOC but I can't decide how long the axle could be so it can go fully into the motor but not extending out of the other side. Could you tell me how long the axle can go in?
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Alternative to LEGO CONTROL+ app

My son just received the Liebherr R 9800 excavator 42100 LEGO set. It would seem the Control+ app that is recommended for it simply won't work. It doesn't even connect to the blocks. What are the ...
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Use D output in 42099 (4X4 X-treme Off-Roader) set

How I can use the D output for an additional motor in the 42099 set? Or how can I use a custom control skin?
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