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Creator sets include buildings, vehicles, and creatures. Many sets can be built in three different ways.

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Information on this large beige motor w/battery box?

I have a LEGO Technic motor with a built in battery box for x3 "AA" batteries (thus 4.5 volts). Could you help me identify it? What set does it belong to and how old is it? Colours are beige and green/...
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Space Shuttle 10231 Stability on base

I just got (finally) Space Shuttle (10231) and finished building it. It was a great build and I love it, but the way the Shuttle stands on the base scares the SH*T out of me. I cannot believe they ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Looking to Identify a LEGO creator set with a hook

Wandering the Internet not long ago I saw a LEGO set that I thought my kid would like because it had a hook (they are into tow trucks these days, so things with hooks catch their interest). ...
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Please tell me what tunnel-hull boat set this is?

I cannot figure out what this set would be...I like it and want to find instructions...but tried different wording and looking at images without luck.
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What scale are the Mini Modular (10230) buildings?

I'm newly returned to Lego, and, holy cow -- It's a different world than the one I left in the 80s. I always wanted to build a Lego city. The constraints of childhood kept that endeavor at bay. But, ...
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What are these parts? Building Tip: Traffic Light Lego Creator

This look like a sturdy well designed set of traffic lights by LEGO. The constructing video links are below. Unfortunately LEGO didn't provide the part details. I am no expert, can anyone help? On ...
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LEGO old discontinued model?

Does anyone know an old model from LEGO that was a 3 in 1 set featuring a black sports car, black truck and a drag racing car?
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I have a LEGO instruction book with the front identifying page missing. I am trying to work out which set it is. Yellow and black sea plane and boat

The LEGO set looks like a Creator set, mainly yellow bricks with many different small builds. Biplane, Speed boat, submarine, vehicle ferry, yacht, oil tanker. The photo of page 3 is attached. Any ...
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1 answer

Confused about Power Functions M-motor 8883 and 8293

Is the motor that comes with the Technic power functions motor set (8293) and the stand alone motor 8883 the same? We have just built the LEGO Creator 10261 roller coaster set and it specifies a 8883 ...
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What is the design number of this brick?

Attached is a picture of one of the bricks from the Dinosaur Set 31058. It is however not listed in the content list on, so I have not been able to find a replacement.
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Set identification - 4 bags of mostly yellow grey and black, some Technic bricks?

Any ideas which set(s) these 4 bags belong to?
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What is the appropriate way to request a creator to add more of their designs to MOCHUB?

There are some brilliant LEGO creators with many designs on YouTube out there who choose to remain anonymous- who put some of their designs on MOCHUB but not others. (In particular ones relating to ...
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