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Questions tagged [customization]

Questions concerning the modification or customization of Lego parts.

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Europe based printing services for low quantity high quality custom printed tiles

I've found many websites providing a service for custom printing of LEGO tiles : United Bricks Brick Engraver BrickSanity Fab-Bricks Citizen Brick EclipseGrafX Minifig Madness BrickTactical ... I ...
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Cutting Lego-compatible studs, +-axle holes?

TL;DR: Advice on how to machine/refine studs and +-axle holes on home made Lego-compatible parts. I've been really enjoying designing and 3D-printing my own Lego-compatible custom parts to supplement ...
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Can you print a LEGO Powered Up connector with a 3D printer?

Has anyone ever printed a LEGO Powered Up connector with a 3D printer? Currently, I'm using a modified SATA adapter for some LED lights on my train.
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