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The technique of disassembling two or more parts from one another.

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2 answers

Tools to unbuild a model more easily?

Are there any good tools out there to help unbuilding a model, for example removing axles from beams? Something like the famous brick separator, but for Technic models.
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Most inseparable combinations?

Some combinations of pieces are really hard to get apart – really hard. Can some answerers provide a list of “dangerous combos“? For example, a 2×2 with a round 2×2 on bottom. Also, if possible, ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Can I safely dissassemble a 74569 motor (the old, fast 9v one)

I have an ancient 74569 motor: Unfortunately, it's broken: The shaft spins freely by hand, but when I connect power to it, it doesn't spin at all. I would like to see if I can just open it and place ...
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What tool can get the Technic pin out from a connection closed in the other end?

I'm having trouble removing these LEGO Technic pins apart from their connectors and I don't want to use carpenter tools like pliers which may damage the bricks. What tool can get the pieces separated ...
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3 answers

Is there a way to set a flat plane at an angle to horizontal of less than 22.5 degrees, but more than 0?

I am building an airplane with a wing dihedral (the wings angle upwards from the fuselage), but I am using parts 44302 and 44301 interlocked as designed: Unfortunately, one click up is about 22.5 ...
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2 answers

Help separating a 6L stick with stop ring & 1x1 cone

I have a 6L stick with stop ring & 1x1 cone stuck together. I've been trying to separate them without success. Any advice?
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Is it safe to remove PC (polycarbonate) arms from minfigures?

I would like to replace the clear PC arms on the Chima ice figures with opaque ABS. Would I still be able to use the clear PC arms with other figures after I have removed them? I know that removing ...
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7 answers

How to unplug black friction pin connectors

Black friction pin without slots connectors are common in older Technic sets. Note that these were quickly replaced by the current version with slots that is much easier to remove. vs Especially ...
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11 votes
6 answers

How do I remove a racing helmet from a garbage can?

We have a red Lego racing helmet that has become wedged with its round side up in a 2 handled Lego garbage can. I cannot access any of the visor indentations, the face slot or the neck circle. I tried ...
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27 votes
18 answers

My poor minifig's head is stuck in his helmet!

Recently I made a LEGO race car with a driver who wore a helmet. Unfortunately, after the race, I tried to take off his helmet and his head came off inside the helmet. Any suggestions about getting it ...
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2 answers

How can I remove a rubber band from a pulley?

We have a pulley and a bunch of rubber bands: We don't know that part numbers, but they all were part of a Mindstorms (RCX 2.0) set. My son was trying use the pulley and band to transfer power to ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Can I take an old LEGO winch apart?

I have an old LEGO winch that looks like #73037 It has been "restrung" but it is very stiff and it looks like it has some of the old string stuck between the rotating and non-rotating parts. It also ...
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11 votes
3 answers

How should I remove a Hinge Tile, especially in the middle of a plate?

I've recently had some trouble removing a 1x4 hinge tile from the middle of a plate: Even when they are on the edge of the plate there isn't a lot of areas you can use to gain the traction to remove ...
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27 votes
6 answers

Can an axle be removed from this Technic 'brick paradox'?

This blogpost on Technic Bricks briefly explains a few 'brick paradoxes' or dead ends. This particular model seems impossible to disassemble by hand: How can I remove the axle without damaging/...
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How can I easily remove a jumper plate without a brick separator?

How can I easily remove a jumper plate? I find it very difficult to remove this kind of brick with a brick separator.
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25 votes
9 answers

How can a sticker be removed?

In my younger days I may have placed a few stickers on my bricks. Including some that covered multiple bricks. Now my daughter has the tendency to do the same thing :) How can I best remove the ...
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38 votes
12 answers

What tool can get two 1x2 plates apart without damaging them?

Teeth and pliers tend to leave unsightly marks on the bricks. Fingernails don't work too well. What tool do you recommend to separate them?
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