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LEGO Duplo bricks are designed for young children aged 1½ to 5 years. Duplo bricks are twice the length, height and width of traditional Lego System bricks.

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Are DUPLO blocks compatible with LEGO blocks in any way?

Can I build a model out of both DUPLO blocks and LEGO blocks? Do they fit together?
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Are there any LEGO base plates that are compatible with Duplo?

I'm thinking of making a LEGO table but my two children both use different LEGO sizes. My oldest uses normal LEGO and my youngest uses DUPLO. I'm wondering if there is a base plate that both types of ...
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How to disassemble LEGO train engine base part# 28743?

I have one of the new Bluetooth engines (part 28743, but in the bottom it says Hub No 5 model) that has started to under-perform and make some noises, I think that it need some maintenance (maybe due ...
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Do regular Lego trains fit onto Duplo tracks?

I have a small kid and a bunch of LEGO Duplo train track. (Like what's in this set.) Would "grown up" sets, like the Emerald Night or Maersk trains, work on that track? They look pretty close (the ...
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How does the DUPLO Action Bricks work?

Does anybody knows what is the technology the DUPLO Action Bricks are based on?It is not any RFID or NFC because I printed out the white one on normal white paper which turns lights on/off. The symbol ...
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How to disassemble the propulsion wheels of the LEGO/DUPLO train engine base part# 28743 drivetrain?

I have a push and go motor, also known as Hub No5 model also known as engine base part #28743 The issue I have is that the train can not climb the bridge anymore, unless using the locomotive alone ...
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Where can I buy bulk DUPLO sized bricks?

I am working on a project where I need LOTS of basic DUPLO sized bricks and/or plates. I need only the simple sizes, 2x2 and 2x4 and possibly 2x6. I do not want any pieces with curves, slopes, decals, ...
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What are the exact dimensions of a DUPLO brick?

The dimensions of LEGO brick are documented well, but what about DUPLO bricks? If have only found the general statements that DUPLO is twice as large as LEGO but no exact numbers. What about the ...
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Third-party blocks with a smiling face or an umbrella with 2 dots on each side

I bought a bunch of duplos from the thrift store and inside there was not Just duplos but also mega bloks. I was able to separate most of them but there are a few that I just cannot tell which is ...
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Software to do Duplo train track layout?

Anyone know a way to create with a software DUPLO train track layout? The only thing I found is: It's a bit overkill for what I need and it's $US60, although ...
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Website with layout plans for LEGO Duplo trains?

Can anybody suggest a web site with plans for LEGO Duplo trains? I've searched the net for a while without any interesting results. Any hints appreciated!
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What is the function of Duplo part# 38507 RAIL ACCESSORY, NO. 4

Can someone explain to me what 38507: RAIL ACCESSORY, NO. 4 (#6225519) is for? I've got this in the new Duplo Train accessory #10882 and can't figure out what it does :S
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Will the Duplo train track extension set 10872 work with Duplo train set 2700?

I am thinking about buying the Duplo train expansion set 10872 Train Bridge and Tracks for my niece, but her primary Duplo train set is actually a vintage 1983 2700 Freight Train set from her father's ...
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What logos appear on Duplo brick studs?

Do all regular Duplo bricks have the word "Duplo" written on their studs? If not, what variations are there?
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