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LEGO Duplo bricks are designed for young children aged 1½ to 5 years. Duplo bricks are twice the length, height and width of traditional Lego System bricks.

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Are LEGO Quatro compatible with larger bricks? Soft Bricks or other?

There is a nice discussion here on LEGO+Duplo+Quatro compatibility. I posted what I found here where a LEGO storage block is the right dimension to be double a Quatro (4x Duplo, 8x normal). However, ...
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How do I fix a loose joint between the top and bottom of the digger base?

How do I repair a loose-fitting joint between the top and bottom of the Duplo digger base? It has been used for only about a year. Is the wear more likely on the top or the bottom piece?
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How do you open this thing without damaging it?

It's a 9008 DUPLO Activity Set from 1986. Looks like this on all the boxes.
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