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Questions tagged [electronics]

Electronics are the branch of physics and technology concerned with the design of circuits using transistors and microchips, and with the behavior and movement of electrons in a semiconductor, conductor, vacuum, or gas.

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How do I sync audio and movement on my NXT 2.0?

How do I sync audio and movement with my NXT 2.0? I'm building an animatronic head and I can't find a good way to sync it with external audio because the internal speaker is too quiet.
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LEGO Studios Movie Maker Camera (1349) (2000)

A few months back I had purchased the LEGO Studios Movie Maker Set (1349) and have been tampering with it, specifically the camera, to see if I can get it to work on my Windows 11 laptop. Was able to ...
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Which alternative electric connector is compatible with 12V plugs?

Which alternative commercial off-the-shelf electric connector matches with the LEGO 12V connector? Are there for example mini-banana-plugs which match with the LEGO standard?
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Fixing a LEGO M Motor connector

I have several broken "Powered Up" M motors and I took one apart to see what was wrong. I ended up snipping off a section of the wire and re-soldering it back together but testing with an ...
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Is there any way to use electric pieces in

Also is the stack exchange meant for digital LEGO editors like
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Problems with the main rotor speed in Airbus H175 (42145) set?

I'm having problems with the main rotor in "slow" position. The speed stays the same no matter what position the joystick is in. On the other hand, in "fast" position the blades ...
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How to increase the voltage supplying to technic motor through the Technic hub?

I have four Technic Large Motors, all connected to a technic hub. I am using the motor to turn some large propellers and the hub is powered by six 1.5 V (maybe less) batteries depending on the brand. ...
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