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FIRST LEGO League is a global programme for 9-16 year olds designed to get them interested in science and technology.

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Lego EV3 simulator and programming

I've been searching and testing for hours. There is little information on this subject though. I have some specific requirements for a Lego EV3 simulator and programming environment. I do not want to ...
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What strategy should FLL teams use to pick their next robot mission?

FLL teams compete by running their robot on missions. The robot leaves the base, does a task, and then returns to base. Each mission is worth a few points. The goal is to collect the most points in ...
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Piece identification (Sphere)

I was wondering if this LEGO piece is a valid LEGO, and what is its part number? Can it be used in FIRST LEGO League competitions?
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Sort the program list on EV3

When uploading a project to the EV3 brick, is there a way to control the sorting order of the programs on the brick? E.g: Prog_1 Prog_2 Prog_3 ... When playing a robot match in FLL one often needs ...
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Every time Robot is launched (without changing the code) it is not following the exact path

I'm working on FLL mission and every time our team launches the robot (without changing the program, and we are making sure that it is starting from same location every time) it is not following the ...
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EV3 FLL Question " outside the box " [duplicate]

I am joining our FLL team and I have a question can you please help me? I'm working on the mission "outside the box" and my arm on the robot is not strong enough to lift the box in the air, so that ...
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Where will the World First Lego League be held in 2015?

Every year First Lego League (FLL) is held in 3 different countries. I know that the world festival will be held in St. Louis, but where will the other two be? Last year it was held in Germany and ...
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