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Questions related to Great Ball Contraption, a ball transporting machine seen at a lot of LEGO events.

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I want to get started making GBC modules. Which powered bricks standard to choose in 2023?

There seem to be two competing standards for powered LEGO modules in 2023. Power Functions Powered Up I have read that Power Functions may be retired soon, but can easily work in a standalone ...
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Is there a true ball/sphere LEGO piece (or pieces that together form a ball/sphere)?

I recently started experimenting with GBC machines build out of LEGO. Ball bearings are ideal as balls (have a lot of momentum due to their weight), but are also impacting on the LEGO bricks hard ...
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Continuous power supply for the SPIKE Prime or Robot Inventor hubs?

The hubs present in the Mindstorms Robot Inventor or SPIKE Prime sets have 2100mAh lithium-ion batteries which can be charged with the accompanied cable with a micro USB connector on one end and a ...
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Mounting 'shelves' on a 57518 Lego conveyor belt

For a school project I'm trying to build a conveyor belt out of LEGO. I'm currently just working on the design so I haven't ordered anything yet. I think that for my build the 57518 pieces are perfect....
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Any build instructions for vertical Technic/Lego conveyor belts?

I'm trying to figure out how to continuously lift a stream of incoming pieces up vertically, at least 10cm. This is my first real custom build attempt, so I'm very much at a loss on how to go about it....
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How can I get a Powered Up motor to run without using a hub?

I'm mainly taking part in LEGO events as part of a Great Ball Contraption exhibit. Most of the modules I make, and that's true for a lot of other builders, are purely mechanical in nature and driven ...
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Where to get bulk GBC soccer balls?

I am running a middle school robotics club, and this year we are focusing on building a Great Ball Contraption (GBC). One problem I'm having is acquiring the balls. On BrickLink, the discontinued ...
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How do you make a triggered counted ball drop?

Is there any solution on making a drop of a counted number of balls when one ball passes through the system? For example: One ball falls into a hole on the top and ten balls (plus/minus (not ...
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Any cheap Technic sets with a good variety of parts?

I want to start building a module like GBC Miniloop 01, but when I check the part list some are very hard to find. How should I get started with miniloops? BTW, I got a very big set, Bucket Wheel ...
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How to run "Power Functions" devices from an electric wall plug?

In this video showing an example of Great Ball Contraption (GBC), we can see (at 1:35) that some trains powers are used to run Power Functions motors: That must be more convenient than having to ...
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Mechanical auto-unblocking mechanism

I have a GBC module1 which is quite simple but blocks regularly because a ball happens to be at just the wrong place at the wrong moment. Per se, it's not a problem as a Technic Gear 24 Tooth Clutch ...
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