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Questions tagged [gears]

Gears transmit rotary motion and are commonly found in Technic sets.

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LEGO Bugatti Issues

This is my first post and my first LEGO set. I recently built LEGO Bugatti Chiron with all the features working. I am however having an issue with the rear axle/wheels. The rear brake calipers fall ...
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Fit motor to old tractor

I'd like to motorise this tractor I built from an old Lego book. I've 4.5 volt motors. The model is 6 studs wide, the motor is only 4, and since the tractor uses big wheels it would be too fast. Is ...
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Front driveshafts on landrover defender don't stay in place

The front driveshafts on my Land Rover Defender keep falling out, then the cogs fall out of the front differential. I have done them three times as per the manual, but every time I get the same result....
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Is there any software except SR 3D Builder with the ability to simulate the interaction of gears that doesn't require scripting?

I'm aware that one can do that in LDCad but with scripting. Should I invest my time in learning SR 3D Builder or is there any other option? It's just not a very intuitive software for me but I might ...
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