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A way to join LEGO parts permanently, so they can't be separated ever again. Which is as horrible as it sounds.

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Is there a way to keep fragile models together?

My late husband built a number of Lego models that I would love to keep together. However having a 5 and 2 year old around this is proving difficult and parts keep getting knocked off. Is there any ...
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How to open first version of the pneumatic cylinder? (Part no 4688c01)

I have a Lego Technic set 8040 from 1984 with the first version of the pneumatic cylinder. Unfortunately, the shaft on the cylinder broke. Apparently the top of the cylinder (lid) is glued. Is there a ...
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Remove 3, maybe 4, decades old PVA glue from Lego

A friend of mine gave me a large crate of Lego that he found in the house he just bought. It appears to be several sets from the late 70's. (I spotted the building instructions for the 850 and 851 ...
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what plastic is used in the floatable hull of 60266 Ocean Exploration ship?

I need to know what plastic is used for the hull (dark blue) of the 60266: Ocean Exploration Ship, in order to glue a reinforcement on. I bought this for my boys (younger than the advertised 7+). It ...
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Can I sell pre-built LEGO sets?

So I was interested if it would be legal to sell LEGO sets that were built by me. Most likely on some sort of website whether it be my own or one like eBay or craigslist. Specifically: Could I make a ...
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Gluing small parts with hairspray?

Someone told me about a "myth" that you could glue LEGO pieces together with a solidifying hairspray like Tresemme stuff, or similar firm hairsprays (that ones that solidify your hair and dry out fast)...
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Re-building sets - paid services?

My son has A LOT of LEGO sets, which have sadly broken down into many, many millions of pieces. Does anyone know of any paid services that might help re-build his sets. I know this sounds like it ...
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How to glue a LEGO tree decoration in a way that's not permanent, to prevent accidental disassembling?

I have a sweet LEGO Santa Claus and few other builds that would look cool as decorations on Christmas Tree. Sadly, it would probably break if I would try to hang it. It can stand all right but is not ...
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HELP ! Darth Maul stuck in glue?

Not so long ago I got my hands on a box full of loose bricks. There I found an old minifigure head of Darth Maul BUT stuck in his hood! I'm 100% sure it's glue. Is there anything I can do about it ?
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Best adhesive to fix a model for long term display? [duplicate]

What is the best adhesive to make a model into a permanent display like into a Christmas decoration or an ornament? I want for this model to withstand being packed and unpacked year after year.
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Temp Glue for LEGO [duplicate]

We have a Train Station Set, but this built is so loose and comes apart so easily thus it is really hard to move/play/connect to other parts. Is there some product like temporary LEGO glue to stick ...
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How to make LEGO unbreakable

I would like to build a LEGO model which is unbreakable. What is the best approach? I am not looking for just glue here. EDIT: I don't just want to strengthen the bond between the bricks, but the ...
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What can I use to glue LEGO bricks to Metal?

So I have no roof lining in my car and instead of replacing it with another carpet I thought covering it in Lego would look pretty cool What would be the best way to glue the LEGO to the metal of my ...
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How can I remove fast glue (Cyanoacrylate) from LEGO bricks? [duplicate]

I recently bought some second-hand LEGO bricks. Some of these bricks have quick glue on them. How can I get rid of the glue?
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Is it safe to use a hot glue gun for Mega Bloks?

I've just managed to secure a copy of the Mega Bloks StarCraft Battlecruiser set on eBay after they dropped significantly in value with Blizzard clearing out the last of the stock with their recent ...
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What adhesive can bond LEGO bricks to metal?

The Scouts are making some Christmas decorations using LEGO, and we need to stick them on to some metal stands. Could anyone please advise the best glues and process (e.g. sanding, etc.) to join ...
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Removable glue for LEGO models

I want to glue my 4-year-old's LEGO bricks, but I want to be able to remove the glue when he is older. What is the best glue to use that is removable and okay to use on LEGO bricks?
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What's the best way to glue/adhese the street baseplates to a plywood table?

I'm building a Lego city, and I want to permanently glue the road onto the table. But I don't want it to be "lumpy", or melt, and I want to make sure that the baseplates will not come off the table, ...
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Fixing poorly applied stickers

Does anyone have any tricks to removing a sticker and reapplying, after a significant period of time? I recently purchased a lot of sets from 2000-2010 range, and the stickers look like they were ...
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Is there a way to glue already built sets?

My son who is now 16 no longer plays with his Lego sets. He would like to preserve some of his larger sets like Jabba the Hutts sail barge. Is there anything we can spray or paint on to hold them ...
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Removing glue from Lego bricks

When I was five my Dad used some kind of a good glue to put together a set together so I didn't loose any pieces. Putting the ethics of that action aside, I want to split the bricks from another and ...
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What happens to the portions of large glued displays that aren't retasked into a different display?

When LEGOLAND dismantles a glued display, is it recycled into something other than LEGO, or do they have to be thrown away? I know certain portions of a display might be utilized again in a different ...
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What glue should I use for permanent LEGO construction?

The incredible precision of LEGO parts makes them attractive for building precise jigs, but the fact that they can come apart fairly easily isn't so helpful for this application. Can anyone recommend ...
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How strong are blocks in general - is adhesive necessary when building large structures?

I'm really intrigued by all the amazing bridge architecture and designs people come up with (for example: Lego Cable Stayed Bridge) and it got me wondering, do larger structures like that need any ...
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