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Refers to the LEGO brand EV3 Gyro sensor or the NXT Gyro sensor from HiTechnic.

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How can EV3 Gyro sensor drift be handled?

EV3 robots can use a Gyro sensor to determine the direction the robot is heading. The initial conditions are important. The sensor needs to be still and then the sensor reset. However, once in a ...
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Which move block to use with Gyro?

We would like to make a series Gyro drive blocks. As a general rule what would be the benefits and drawbacks from using the move tank and move steer blocks? My basic design is to read the gyro and ...
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What is the gyro sampling rate on the Spike Prime hub?

I was wondering what is the inertial measurement unit sampling rate, because for my project I need 800 Hertz. I tried to look in the firmware file but I didn’t find anything. I use the pybricks ...
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How to fix the Gyro

Currently the gyro sensor connected to the EV3 brick doesn't really work. whenever the gyro is attempted to be used the robot will just sit and spin once it gets to where it needs to use the gyro. Any ...
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Why is the EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor (45504) out of stock?

The EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor (45504) has been out of stock for a long time. Is the sensor discontinued due to an accuracy problem? Is there an alternate version of "Gyro Boy" that works without the ...
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EV3Dev Gyro sensor doesn't output values beneath 0

So, basically, my problem is that my Ev3 Gyro Sensor clamps outputs beneath 0 to 0. If I were to rotate my robot clockwise, the gyro rotation would go up, but when I rotate my robot counter-clockwise, ...
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myblock for a proportional gyro turn that randomly fails when in a larger program

I have a proportional gyro turn myblock that fails when played in a longer program. The myblock works perfectly fine when played by itself. The most confusing thing is that the way it fails seems to ...
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EV3 gyroscope drifts when brick is still - what can be done?

The gyroscope value continuously increases/decreases, even when the brick is not rotating! What could be done in order to avoid, mitigate or at least reduce the impact of this behaviour?
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EV3 Gyro sensor is not working

I started using the EV3 Gyro for the first time in a few months, and it's not working. When I rotate the robot the output shown in the EV3-G port view stays at zero. In the rare case it registers some ...
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