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LEGO Ideas is a platform for fans to submit set ideas with the ultimate aim of having them made into official sets.

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Am I building the Grand Piano correctly? [duplicate]

I am in this step of 21323 Grand Piano. Unless I lift the gray bar above, it prevents the axle from rotating counter-clockwise. I have to lift it for the axle to rotate. Will there be a step later on ...
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Lego 21327: How do I attach the typewriter segment to the body?

Typewriter build step 312. Red arrows point to two upraised open connectors. What part of the segment snaps into them? If snapped to the rod outside of the two gray mid-rod spacer pieces (step 309), ...
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How does the motorized lighthouse rotate continuously without tangling the wire powering the light?

I'm curious about the Motorized Lighthouse (21335): As the title suggests, this set is motorized to allow the light on top to rotate continuously: From the looking at the inventory, it is clear that ...
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Help with Lego Typewriter 21327 - can't get the carriage mechanism working

Two AFOLs here who are stuck on the Lego Typewriter build. We have built large and complex sets before, but this one has us stumped. We have now rebuilt Sections 5-7 twice, but we can't get the ...
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I just finished the typewriter set and everything works fine but the type-bar is a little higher than it should be. Is there any way of fixing it [closed]

The typewriter works perfectly fine. The only problem is the typebar being a little higher than it should be.
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Saturn V build step 124

Step 124. Having some difficulty from the diagram figuring out how to orient each of these four pieces. Can't figure out if the light grey nozzle is suppose to snap into the bracket shown in step 123. ...
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8 votes
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What parts are used in this unicorn from Lego Ideas?

I feel like I should be able to find all these pieces and here I am asking. I am trying to gather a list of pieces to buy to build this model found on LEGO Ideas. It is this Unicorn with articulating ...
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How does the LEGO Typewriter mechanism fit?

My wife is building the LEGO Typewriter set (21327). When she installs the gearbox mechanism at step 210, the whole thing jams when pressing the keys. I am trying to help her and have "unbuilt&...
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Grand piano page 269 of instructions - are the gears suppose to stop after a quarter turn or keep going when reversing directions

The directions show the gears are suppose to move counter clockwise. When I follow the directions on page 268-269, and push the reverse button on the Lego power-up app for the Grand Piano, the gears ...
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How to share a fan robot with LEGO? [duplicate]

I've made a really awesome robot with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (and I'd like not to say what it is here). I've seen fan robots on the LEGO site, and I wonder whether they could add mine on the site. I've ...
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Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322 - Is there a way to get the ship pirating-worthy?

From what I have read, when you convert the island to a seaworthy ship, you are still left with the inn part, and no cannons on the ship. All the portholes are gone or converted to windows. Is there ...
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Can you identify the large transparent windows in this Ideas submission?

Can anyone identify the large curved transparent windows in this aviary build?
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5 answers

How does the Space Shuttle dock the ISS?

The IDEAS International Space Station (21321) comes with a miniature model of a space shuttle. And while that has its place on the space station's stand, the official LEGO product page literally ...
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How to obtain a missing part?

I'm building the 21320 LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils set. Looks like there is a part missing. I only have one of the part in the attached image. How can I identify the part number and obtain it?
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Difference of Lego products

I came across the Lego Ideas and the original one, and it doesn't seem to have any difference. It's just a normal house, but on a book? Can somebody help me tell the difference, as my son wants to ...
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How can you get the pipes on Steamboat Willie to work reliably?

We recently began building 21317 Steamboat Willie. We've got it mostly built, but the pipes keep getting stuck. The rear one works, but the front one keeps getting stuck up and won't go down. We've ...
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How tall is the Saturn V set in LEGO units (studs, bricks etc.)?

I'm building a MOC to scale with the Saturn V set and am having trouble figuring out how tall the 1st stage engines are but the entire thing would be really helpful! Thanks!
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How to tell if I need a neck kit for 21303 WALL•E?

I heard that some older 21303 WALL-E models (LEGO Ideas #012) have a weak neck connection and that LEGO fixed that in later production runs, and that if I have an older WALLE I can contact customer ...
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I have an idea for a new kind of LEGO, using new types of elements

I have an idea for a new LEGO product (not a LEGO set or anything, I know that the Lego ideas site exists, but a new "kind" of LEGO) I've been trying to contact LEGO about it without any luck. So I ...
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Can I pitch an idea to LEGO?

How would I contact LEGO about an idea for some kits to be built and sold? I have designs for simple kits that I have built for my son that I think would be very popular.
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where can I find simple Lego ideas [closed]

I have just acquired a bunch of bricks and specialized bricks. Where could I get a lot of ideas? Anything to do with a city would be good. I have already tried the LEGO club.
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2 answers

What happened to Cuusoo set #6

Lego Cuusoo just announced set #7 Ghostbusters 30th anniversary. Cuusoo set #5 is the Curiousity Rover. Why is there no set #6? What happened to it or did Lego announce it and then change their ...
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