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Instruction Manuals - use them once to build a model, or store them for future reference? Perhaps you want to create your own? However we can't really field individual manual requests

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9 answers

Do any programs exist that allow you to build your own LEGO manuals?

What I'm looking for is a program or website/webapp that allows "virtual" building of a LEGO model, step-by-step, and allows you to save these single steps to get a complete building plan in the end. ...
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2 answers

Is there anything like a 'recipe generator' for LEGO models?

For me, most of the fun of LEGO toys, is building new things from the instructions. Rebuilding things can be fun, but if I know I have certain bricks (or even sets), is there somewhere to cross-...
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36 votes
7 answers

Where can I find instruction booklets?

Is there any place where scans or PDFs of instruction booklets can be downloaded?
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2 answers

How to sell massive, vintage and unsorted lego collection with manuals? [duplicate]

So I was a big LEGO collector as a child in the early 1990s. The genres I have are town/city, pirates, and castle. To store them, I broke them all down to fit into 2 giant plastic tubs. I still have ...
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3 answers

Where can I find LEGO X-Pod Playoff rules and printoffs?

Where can I find X-Pod Playoff rules? LEGO doesn't seem to be hosting them anymore. Asked because of this question. Hopefully it can be mirrored on a few sites so that it doesn't disappear again.
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1 answer

How to cross reference a part to all instruction guide pages

Built my new Millenium Falcon and took it into the office before someone managed to knock it off my desk and onto the floor. It blew up. Having managed to rebuild it, there are a few pieces left over ...
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Grand piano page 269 of instructions - are the gears suppose to stop after a quarter turn or keep going when reversing directions

The directions show the gears are suppose to move counter clockwise. When I follow the directions on page 268-269, and push the reverse button on the Lego power-up app for the Grand Piano, the gears ...
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Instructions for LEGO bag 135149

Can someone please help me find the instructions for LEGO bag 135149? The bag says 2011 and has a propeller-type brick and a white helmet? Any clues what this is?
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22 votes
1 answer

How to Decipher Lego Building Instructions Filenames?

On the official site for downloading lego instructions, the filenames are often quite cryptic, and many sets have as many as six different files you can download and sometimes it's hard to tell which ...
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18 votes
1 answer

How are the LEGO instruction manuals made?

I wish to know how the LEGO instruction manuals are made. What is the process currently used?
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3 answers

Looking for a site with custom instructions

I'm looking for a website that has some cool custom model instructions. I have a LEGO store near me and I'm able to buy pieces individually. I'm looking for more of a sci-fi ship kind of instructions.
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13 votes
2 answers

How were these building instructions from the 1970s produced?

Have a look at page 7 of the instructions for set 367, produced in the year 1975 (source: How were these instructions produced? Were they hand-drawn or computer-generated? If the latter, ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Is there an XML format for Lego?

I've seen some pretty neat applications using customized XML formats. There is a Musical Notation XML so that a user can create sheet music on XML. With the right software, that XML can be converted ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Alternative (back of box) builds of 7822 Railway Station - is there an 'official' configuration where the track terminates at the station?

I am looking for a scan or photo of the back of the box of the 7822 Railway Station Background: As is common with Lego sets, there are a number of alternative builds pictured on the back of the set ...
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LEGO Technic part Numbers

My daughter got the LEGO Technic - Service Truck set. When we looked at the instructions, we saw a different notation on parts. eg: the beams (cross beam) it has number 5 in white circle. what does ...
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2 answers

How can I complete the build of this Lunar lander from the Space and Airport Set (9335)?

We recently got Space and Airport Set by LEGO® Education (9335) for our four-year-old who loves space and really loves his Duplo. He's been enjoying putting together the different parts of the kit but ...
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What is the maximum size of Lego instruction booklets?

I am preparing a shelf and, given that LEGO instruction booklets these days are often more like actual little books than the small booklets we had as children, a section of that shelf will be reserved ...
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What is the easiest option to start making instructions?

I'd like to make instructions for my kids, which they could read either on paper or on a tablet. What is the easiest option to achieve that, ideally using open-source software (and running on Linux)?
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Looking for instructions for Air Canada Mega Bloks polybag 99911/99912

When I was a child I received a Mega Bloks airplane set on an Air Canada flight. I still have most of the pieces but cannot find the instructions. The closest I can find is this eBay image of 99913 ...
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1 answer

What are the measurements of the different Lego instruction booklets?

I've noticed that there are at least three different sizes (eg 7.8"x5", 4"x5.8" and 7"x8"). Are there other sizes?
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2 answers

Lego identification help! Red torso, lightsaber handle, and grey pieces?

What does this build? Can anyone help me with the instructions link?
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1 answer

Looking for instructions to Mega Bloks “Blok Bots” 9356 set

I need instructions for Mega Bloks "Blok Bots" set 9356. Can't find it on
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1 answer

Where is an instruction sheet for Ausini set 25418 guitar?

I bought an Ausini brick set AUS-25418, which is a guitar, however as cheap as it was the price, it didn't have the building instructions, at least it looks like no piece bags or stickers are missing. ...
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