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Instruction Manuals - use them once to build a model, or store them for future reference? Perhaps you want to create your own? However we can't really field individual manual requests

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Toa Terrain Crawler alternate build instructions

I was building the LEGO Bionicle Toa Terrain Crawler, (8927), when I saw at the back of the instructions a photo of an alternate helicopter-type build. Where can I find the instructions on how to ...
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LEGO Bugatti Issues

This is my first post and my first LEGO set. I recently built LEGO Bugatti Chiron with all the features working. I am however having an issue with the rear axle/wheels. The rear brake calipers fall ...
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Seeking instructions to finish partially assembled custom Lego satellite (Orbital Science Corporation)

This week I found a partially assembled Lego satellite and I wanted to build it but I can't find the instructions to finish it. The satellite I'm 90% sure is a scale model from a satellite launched by ...
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Are there any additional robo center downloads for the nxt-g software?

It would be nice if there were additional entries under the animals, vehicles, machines and humanoid tabs. Supposedly there was some official LEGO web component to the software which appears to be ...
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Front driveshafts on landrover defender don't stay in place

The front driveshafts on my Land Rover Defender keep falling out, then the cogs fall out of the front differential. I have done them three times as per the manual, but every time I get the same result....
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LEGO Movie Think Tank MOC Instructions

Does anyone here know how to build the think tank from the LEGO Movie? Sources: Reddit Flickr
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