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The Lego Digital Designer CAD software was developed and published by The LEGO Group from 2004-2016.

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7 votes
2 answers

EV3-specific bricks missing from Lego Digital Designer 4.3.11 (Win)?

I have LDD on my Mac and have used it to create EV3 models (like an FLL robot, or a Lego dot-matrix printer). Recently, I purchased a cheap Windows laptop for use by a FLL team. After twice ...
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1 answer

LDD lacks almost all functionality

I have installed LDD on my Windows 10 today, and after installing the application it automatically opened up. But I realized that when using the Desktop shortcut, the app can't be found. Here's the ...
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18 votes
4 answers

LEGO Digital Designer Alternatives

I am been using LDD (LEGO Digital Designer) for my latest NXT project and noticed a major delay in building and making instructions for my Projects (My Mindstorm projects contain well over 500 pieces) ...
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18 votes
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Explaination of LXFML file contents

I am interested in writing a game that interprets LXF files into worlds (to create a game such as Lego Universe). After finding out how to extract the LXFML file from the LXF archive, I need to know ...
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10 votes
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Why is my LDD model incomplete after I export it to LDraw?

I have an LDD model that I exported to an LDraw file. When I opened it in LDView, only part of it was displayed. It looks like some parts were not exported properly. Is it normal? Why does it happen?
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1 answer

Any tips for aligning gears in LDD?

I'm trying to create the 42052 (Heavy Lift Helicopter), and other Technic sets. Aligning gears' teeth is relatively difficult, and the 'Hinge Align' tool rarely works. Please help!
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5 votes
1 answer

Is there a step-by-step guide to extracting a parts list from LDD to bricklink?

I'd like to build a model I have in LDD, but i don't know how to get my parts list (I exported BOM) into bricklink. I know there is rebrickable, but I don't see an option to import either .lxf or ....
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19 votes
4 answers

Why can't I reproduce this SD card box in LDD?

I've built an SD card box a few years ago. Now I am trying to reproduce it in Lego Digital Designer. However when I tried to reproduce the closed version, LDD refuses to snap it in place. In real-...
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3 votes
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Can I import existing Lego kits into LEGO Digital Designer?

Is there any way to import existing LEGO kits into LDD (LEGO Digital Designer)? For example, I like to have this set in the LDD and I know I ...
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