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The Lego Digital Designer CAD software was developed and published by The LEGO Group from 2004-2016.

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Connectivity graph for a digital model

I'm looking for a way to take a digital representation of a model (e.g. an LDD or LDraw file) and extract from it a representation of the model that describes which pieces are actually connected to ...
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is it possible to change the controls in Lego Digital Designer?

I am wondering if it is possible to change the controls in LEGO Digital designer? Because I would like to change the "D" button on my keyboard to "rotate to the right" instead of &...
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Is there any software except SR 3D Builder with the ability to simulate the interaction of gears that doesn't require scripting?

I'm aware that one can do that in LDCad but with scripting. Should I invest my time in learning SR 3D Builder or is there any other option? It's just not a very intuitive software for me but I might ...
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