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Lego Dimensions is a video game for consoles (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii-U) which relies on lego toys equipped with NFC tags. The toys are used to add characters or to create patterns in order to solve puzzles in the game.

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What is the dimensions of lego spike motor?

Any Ideas on what is the dimensions of this motor, and the holes and space between them?
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Is it worth to start with Dimensions now?

From what I know Lego will cancel the Dimensions game soon. Right now it is possible to find on ebay very cheap starter kits. Is it still possible to play the game after Lego is closing down all ...
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Identify LEGO Dimensions pack

Can you please help me figure out which character this build pack goes with? The bag has a copyright date of 2007. I know the number on the bag doesn't matter but I noticed the copyright date might ...
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Which set is this bag from? It has mostly azure pieces

Can someone help me figure out which set this is from? Dated 2011.
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Boosters from set 71214 Benny don't fit

The booster pieces don't fit into their place on Benny's Dimensions set (71214). I'm talking about the bigger booster in the middle. This seems to be a really common problem, but is there a fix?
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Have the model files for the LEGO Sonic head piece been released in LDD or LDraw parts library?

I am referring to the "LEGO Dimensions" video game Sonic head piece. I can't seem to find the name of the model, assuming it even exists in these libraries. I've been looking for it everywhere.
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