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Questions tagged [lego-games]

Focusing on a series of playable games of different types, all of which use Lego bricks, and use the Lego concept of building to encourage players to change adapt the rules of the games.

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9 votes
1 answer

Looking for a LEGO promotional, Christmas-themed video game from the 90s-00s about spaceships

This is one of my childhood white whales and I cannot find the answer anywhere. When I grew up in France, I remember a very short computer game which was actually an ad for LEGO spaceships. Given the ...
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Where can I find Orient Expedition 7419 gameboard tiles to print?

I lost the cardboard gameboard squares. Does anybody have a high quality scan of the tiles so I can print them ?
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4 votes
1 answer

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Can't find MyData Block

While going through the challenges of the Gyro Sensor Investigation I came upon the issue that I do not have the MyData Block (It's a dark blue block with a graph on it) on the coding program. Could ...
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Can you identify this LEGO board game with square paper tokens?

I have some of these cards which I found at the bottom of an old box of mixed LEGO and I am trying to identify them. I think they came from a game maybe? I used to get the Bricks n Pieces magazine, ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Gibberish Sound Effect

I am now creating my first LEGO stop motion animation with sound effects. I do not want to use a specific language for them speaking. Instead, I am using subtitles. For the talking sound effect, I ...
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LEGO games for grown-ups?

Are all LEGO Boardgames more or less for children, or are some of them suitable for grown-up, more expert players? (Everybody likes relaxing with a simple game, but are any of the games a bit more ...
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1 answer

Which Lego board games come with minifigures instead of microfigures?

Of all the LEGO board games that have been produced so far, which ones come with minifigures instead of microfigures?
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11 votes
2 answers

How should I model a Heroica scale castle bedroom?

My son has requested that we add a bedroom to our Heroica castle. I'm looking for some advice on the creation of the bed area. The Microfig characters are 1x1x2, and the rooms are generally designed ...
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13 votes
3 answers

How should I create a Heroica scale graveyard or crypt room?

I've recently started playing Heroica with my sons, and we want to take this further, so I'm looking for some suggestions on modelling a graveyard or crypt room. As an example, here's a model of the ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Are there LDraw files for the standard Heroica components?

I'm using MLCAD to design and polish some Heroica maps. As I go I've made various LDraw files for the common map components (6x6 tiles with 4 spaces, 4x1 hallways, etc.) as well as some aliases for ...
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Under what conditions are the LEGO boardgame dice unfair, and by how much?

For LEGO's board game line, they have moulded a LEGO die, with a 2x2 stud pattern on each side. Obviously, weight distribution is going to be thrown off if you use a full studless plate on one side ...
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