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Questions tagged [lego-group]

Questions relating to the LEGO Group specifically, rather than about bricks, building techniques, etc.

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6 answers

Does the LEGO Group condone war toys?

What is the LEGO Group's position on war toys? Other brands make tanks and army stuff. I noticed LEGO sets include more realistic guns in the Star Wars range than they used to. What's up with that?
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Why do LEGO boxes have a maximum age limit?

I am wondering why do LEGO boxes have a maximum age limit printed on them? My girlfriend has just gifted me LEGO Starfighter (8088) and it has an age range of 8-14. Why not just write 8+? Are there ...
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3 answers

How does one get a job as a LEGO designer?

I always fantasized on the mysterious (and admittedly cool) job of LEGO designer. Is there anyone who knows what it takes? Do you need to go to the Lego university and get good grades? Is there any ...
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Are there any army-related LEGO toys?

I don't recall ever seen a LEGO tank, a LEGO minifigure figure or any army-related LEGO sets. I know that there are LEGO toys that imply some level of action/fighting, from police sets, knights, ...
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3 answers

Where are LEGO parts made?

Are all LEGO parts made in a single factory, or are there multiple factories? Where abouts is it/are they? If there are several, are there different factories for different pieces/sets, or do all ...
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Can I pitch an idea to LEGO?

How would I contact LEGO about an idea for some kits to be built and sold? I have designs for simple kits that I have built for my son that I think would be very popular.
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3 answers

Can anyone find a photo of the "LEGO bricks, not LEGOS" insert?

Debates aside; I have been told that there used to exist a message either in Lego catalogs or inserts in boxes that reads as this: The word LEGO® is a brand name and is very special to all of us in ...
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1 answer

How does LEGO decide it needs a new element?

Aside from the need to add licensed series specific pieces, how does LEGO decide it's time to introduce a new shape to the element palette?
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9 votes
1 answer

Who are the Lego Certified Professionals?

So, I was just watching Lego Masters, and it's mentioned that the show's judge, Ryan "Brickman" McNaught, is one of fourteen Lego Certified Professionals in the world. I was wondering who those ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Why do older bricks have greater clutch power?

I have some pre-2000 (rough date to split the collection to old/new) System and Technic sets that are from different sources: some are from my childhood, while others have been acquired in "used&...
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Best online community for Lego Builders?

It seems like different people use different online communities to share Lego-related things, but is there one that's just the best? I suppose I am asking a subjective question, but what I'm looking ...
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2 answers

Lego identification help! Red torso, lightsaber handle, and grey pieces?

What does this build? Can anyone help me with the instructions link?
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3 answers

What is this extra bag from 11019 set for?

This came in the classic 11019 Lego set. No additional instructions. I looked on Lego website and nothing showed up. There was an online locomotive to make? Looks like there’s sets of wheels and gears....
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LEGO Plastic Bags #

Please help to identify the LEGO Plastic Bags # (2,4-319g7,5-419g7,7-219g7) I used QR code reader and it gives me a digits of 6172090. Unfortunately I could not find any information. I bought this ...
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