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Questions tagged [lego-group]

Questions relating to the LEGO Group specifically, rather than about bricks, building techniques, etc.

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LEGO Event in Fountain Hills Arizona

I'm trying to find documentation for a special event that Lego did in Fountain Hills Arizona. I believe it was in the time of LEGO Power Miners and the castle series. They had a tent set up and had 4 ...
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Why do Lego boxes not contain the set numbers in Braille?

Why does Lego not stamp the braille set number on to the boxes of sets? I know they have made audio/braille versions of instructions, but why are they not making the boxes of sets accessible too?
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North American market Lego boxes sold in Europe (by Lego itself). Is that normal?

Thanks to this old question I know that North American market Lego boxes have the piece-count printed on the box, as that is a requirement in USA and Canada. European market boxes don't have that. ...
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