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A Java Virtual Machine that can run on Mindstorms intelligent bricks.

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RCX + java + usb-to-serial

I am trying to get an old RCX working with leJOS. I already have it working with NQC and BricxCC. While NCQ/BricxCC seems to recognize my usb-to-serial (which appears as "COM5" to the OS), the leJOS ...
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Sending Gcode to LEGO Mindstorms X/Y plotter?

I am building an x/y plotter out of LEGO Mindstorms. I would like it to read an SVG file on the EV3 Brick, convert it to Gcode, and draw the coordinates. How would I go about doing this?
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Is there an leJOS simulator for EV3?

I found this but this seems to be using their own library to control the EV3.
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Bluetooth connection to EV3 from Java on Linux/Android

I would like to connect to my EV3 from PC (and then Android) via Bluetooth. I was able to connect to NXT with LEGO-MINDSTORMS-MINDdroid which uses direct LCP commands but as far as I know the ...
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EV3 connection problem via USB on Windows 8.1

I am using LEGO EV3 on windows 8.1 eclipse Neon. When I try to launch the class as a LeJos application I get this error. IP address is / Creating the jar file or uploading the program failed ...
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