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Questions related to lighting up your LEGO builds as well as using LEGO elements emitting light.

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How could I add fire-like lighting to Rivendell?

I'd love to add lights to the Rivendell set to improve the look of the displayed model in low light. Ideally, the lights would provide a flame-like effect where appropriate. What is the best way to ...
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white-coloured light brick for the iron man sets

I've recently built the Marvel Iron Man Figure (76206) which comes with a light brick to power the 'arc reactor' in the set I find it problematic that the light brick lights up orange, rather than ...
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How does the motorized lighthouse rotate continuously without tangling the wire powering the light?

I'm curious about the Motorized Lighthouse (21335): As the title suggests, this set is motorized to allow the light on top to rotate continuously: From the looking at the inventory, it is clear that ...
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Custom extension cables for Light Stax?

Recently, I got the S-12012 Light Stax kit with 50 (!) light bricks. They are different from those described in this question, but they are much cheaper, colorful and with blinking/pulsating effects. ...
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3rd Party Light Kits

Does anyone have experience with any of the 3rd party lighting kit companies for sets? Do you have any information or stories about how these lighting kits work out in practice? These are the two ...
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Replace Battery in LEGO Dino Attack Light-Up T-Rex Head?

Is it possible to replace the battery of the LEGO Dino Attack T-Rex head? There's a button on the top of the head that makes the eyes and tongue light up red, presumably via a red LED. There doesn't ...
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Two separate functions of 5282 RC remote?

Given the RC set of 5282 and 6272c01 below: Is there a solution to use the two paddles that command the auxiliary output of the receiver for different functions? For reference, see this at 1:45. ...
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Light on color sensor is blue

We had the sensor color on red and it was working with our remote. We changed the batteries in the 'brain' and now the light sensor is blue and won't work with the remote. Any suggestions? It's a ...
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Best mini LED spotlight for Lego display case?

I am currently building the Creator Sydney Opera House and planning a display case for it. I would like to light the canopies with spotlights just like the real thing, but have not found LED ...
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Will using a bright LED to light my MOC harm my LEGO?

I'm building a LEGO model and planning on lighting it with a bank of 5 battery operated LEDs. I know sunlight negatively affects several LEGO colors. Will a bright LED harm the elements in my MOC the ...
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How do I add a light to the Red Cargo Train?

I want to add led light to the front (and probably back) of the Red Cargo Train but the shape of the light is making me wonder what brick I should use to hold the light. I've never seen these lights ...
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How well does the new interior lighting system intergrate into a new build?

I enjoyed the interior LEGO lighting I saw at Brickcon 2011. How does the lighting system affect the fit of the LEGO elements involved?
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