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Questions tagged [mac]

Questions related to running software on Apple's Mac OSX.

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Is there a good keyboard reference for bricklink Studio?

I'm looking for a good keyboard reference card for Bricklink Studio. I found this help article on the official site but it doesn't print out very nicely. I'd like something more like a reference ...
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1 vote
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Bluetooth connection between EV3 brick and MacBook Pro fails after 2 seconds

As I was adviced, I searched for same questions before posting mine but although some are similar, I can't make their answer useful for my problem. I have a Mindstorms EV3 Education brick and a ...
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LEGO Mindstorms IDE on macOS flickering

I experience a screen flickering in the LEGO Mindstorms program on macOS when the mouse pointer is moved across the window. The screen flickering is present for all normal users but not the ...
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