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What is meant by the statement about "minifig replicas" in the 2020/2 catalogue?

The German Lego catalogue for the second half of 2020 contains several instances of a confusing statement on page 125: Jedes Set enthält die detailgetreue Nachbildung einer original LEGO Star Wars ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What was the first Lego tie-in film or television production?

Nowadays, it's pretty common for TV shows and films to be released by film studios in agreement with The LEGO Group and tying in to current LEGO set themes - famous examples include the recent films (...
8 votes
1 answer

What is Rebuild The World?

I've been seeing a lot about this new thing called "Rebuild The World". I tried figuring out what it was, but I couldn't. What is it?
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Why do Star Wars sets include the Disney logo/brand name while Marvel Super Heroes sets do not?

I have noticed that LEGO sets from the past few years of their Star Wars theme include a prominent, or at least noticeable, Disney logo, typically in one of the corners. For example, see this Imperial ...
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Ordering of Pages in Printed LEGO Catalogues

While looking at some of the scanned LEGO catalogues on BrickSet, I have noticed that the UK catalogues (at least the ones I looked into) seem to be ordered "backwards" compared to what I'm used to ...
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Why is LEGO usually uppercase?

Everyone I see on here and mostly everywhere else (including LEGO boxes) LEGO is written as LEGO. I always thought it should be written like Lego until I came here. Why is it always written in ...