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The iconic LEGO® character. They have pose-able heads, arms, hands and legs. Many accessories are available including hair, hats, back-packs, tools and weapons

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My minifigs have been doodled with marker pens. How can I clean them?

So simple question really, child drew on figures with marker pens, how can I clean them off with out removing the original prints ?
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How to pose figs in LeoCAD?

I’m new to LeoCAD. I find it’s easy to add regular minifigs or Technic figures to a model, but I can’t find a way to pose them. For instance I could build a car and add a driver, but the figure is ...
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Authentic LEGO legs and the Lego imprint

I've gotten a pair of minifigure legs new out of the box with no 'LEGO' logo on the underside of the top of the foot a while ago. I've purchased new pieces where only one leg is imprinted. And as of ...
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where on each brick does LEGO put the branding and what do the identification markings on the underside look like?

I was given a mix of bricks which included bricks that have branding on the studs (Lego) as well as some other blocks. I was able to remove the bricks without branding as well as non-Lego bricks; ...
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