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Questions tagged [moc]

In the LEGO community MOC stands for 'My Own Creation'. Use this tag for questions regarding issues with constructing various features beyond simple structures.

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MouldKing set 13132 - Original design, alternate build or cloned MOC?

It seems that Chinese clone brand Mould King will be producing a new set that looks a bit like LEGO's Disney Castle set (71040). It has two times as many parts, however, and unlike LEGO's Disney ...
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Europe based printing services for low quantity high quality custom printed tiles

I've found many websites providing a service for custom printing of LEGO tiles : United Bricks Brick Engraver BrickSanity Fab-Bricks Citizen Brick EclipseGrafX Minifig Madness BrickTactical ... I ...
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How to power up MOC-0308, based on Technic 8297 Off-Roader?

I have built the following MOC, with details here and here. It is pretty complete, although I would have tried some servo motor for steering. But after I've finished it, I've got into trouble: ...
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