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Questions tagged [monorail]

A railway in which the track consists of a single rail, typically elevated and with the trains suspended from it.

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12 votes
2 answers

Website with layout plans for LEGO Duplo trains?

Can anybody suggest a web site with plans for LEGO Duplo trains? I've searched the net for a while without any interesting results. Any hints appreciated!
2 votes
0 answers

LEGO monorail train can't climb slope

Just reopened the monorail set for my son to play with. Motor still works but it grinds and can't cope with pushing up the incline to the upper level on either slope. Looks very slightly worn but ...
18 votes
1 answer

Why was the monorail system discontinued?

I'm a casual Lego enjoyer and decided to research some old sets and found out about the old monorail system. My question is why was it discontinued? It was a pretty neat system and I could see ...
8 votes
1 answer

Monorail Switch Internals

I'm trying to figure out how monorail left and right switches work internally. Tearing one apart risks permanently damaging it so I was hoping to find schematics or images of someone else's teardown. ...
12 votes
1 answer

How many hours of travel does it take to wear out LEGO monorail tires?

I've seen some pretty impressive LEGO tire driven/cushioned monorail displays that put miles of wear on the track and the train cars that ride on it. I'm hoping a monorail expert can tell me (about) ...
13 votes
3 answers

Why was monorail offered the way it was?

There have only been 3 + 2 official monorail sets by Lego. Three monorails: (Space, Futuron) Monorail Transport System (Town, airport) Airport Shuttle (Space, Unitron) Monorail Transport Base And ...
7 votes
1 answer

Which subtheme did the "Space Monorail" sets come under?

Many years ago I remeber attending a model railway exhibition and one of the railways was a Lego monorial that looked very "space" based. I've found 6990 (Monorail Transport System) and 6991 (Monorail ...
10 votes
2 answers

How can I build a brick-built monorail track?

LEGO haven’t released a new monorail set since the 90s, and the track parts that were made are very expensive and hard to find. I am interested in building a brick-built alternative. I am ...
4 votes
2 answers

How long does official Lego monorail track last?

Given the high cost of official Lego monorail track, I was wondering how long it tends to last/if there are any maintenance tips or tricks? I'm planning on using power functions to reduce the start/...
4 votes
1 answer

CAD model of the LEGO monorails

I was wondering two things, Is it legal to share CAD models of LEGOs with other people as long as it is not for profit and Does anyone have A CAD model of the LEGO monorail track that was made in the ...
16 votes
3 answers

What was wrong with monorails?

From this answer: Then there's the whole problem of parts which are simply not in production any longer, and for which the cost of reproducing them would offset the potential benefits of reissuing ...
6 votes
1 answer

Fix for monorail sticking at monoswitch?

I recently acquired an old monorail set, and I'm having problems getting it to work properly. It works fine on normal track, and it is able to continue on or stop at a monoswitch when the switch is ...