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Questions related to LEGO mosaics, which are usually large-scale images made up of many small (likely but not exclusively) 1x1 pieces (round or square tiles or plates) acting as ink dots or pixels.

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What set is the best value for what you pay (lowest average cost per brick)? [closed]

Which Lego set is the best value for its cost? What I mean, is if you were to find the average cost per brick, which set would be the lowest? I feel like it would be something with lots of tiny pieces,...
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1 answer

How to buy a lot of 65803 Technic plates for a mosaic project?

I would like to make a pixel-art mosaic and found out the existence of part 65803 for building the base board: Alternately, there is a ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Mounting a mosaic modularly

I have this LEGO mosaic consisting out of 3 by 3 baseplates (32x32): As it takes up too much space lying flat, I would like to mount it vertically or near vertically, slightly leaning backwards, like ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Good "freeware" mosaic creator

I need to know of a decent "freeware" program that can take an image and turn it into a full color mosaic. It also needs to have a part count/listing.
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10 votes
2 answers

Selling custom LEGO image mosaics using original LEGO bricks without breaking LEGO's Fair-Use Policy

We have designed software and an accompanying site to convert images into 48x48 (or larger) LEGO mosaics; we use the current LEGO color palette, use image dithering to improve color availability, ...
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How can I make a mosaic from a given number of 1x1 bricks and a picture?

This question is similar to How can I convert an image's pixels to actual LEGO colors? except that I need to fit a certain number of bricks of a certain colour. For example, I have 20 white, 28 ...
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13 votes
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How can I convert an image's pixels to actual LEGO colors?

The LEGO Group released a few "mosaic" sets a while back, which came with clear baseplates and a bunch of 1x1 bricks. I have been wondering recently if it is possible to use an image as a reference ...
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