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Is it more efficient to colour code your LEGO bricks or sort them by shape? What are the best combinations of elements if you've not got enough boxes for each type?

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How To Ensure Only One Brick is Fed Into a Lego Sorting Machine at a Time?

In this video, they create a machine that can take a bunch of legos put on to a conveyor belt and, using a camera, sort them into a number of categories. I am building a (smaller) version of this, and ...
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Looking for an affordable high density storage solution for my individual bricks

As my collection of bricks is growing, my storage space is limited and I'm increasingly interested in doing my own MOCs, I'm looking for a high density storage solution to keep my individual pieces ...
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Re-building sets - paid services?

My son has A LOT of LEGO sets, which have sadly broken down into many, many millions of pieces. Does anyone know of any paid services that might help re-build his sets. I know this sounds like it ...
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How can I find the original bag listing for 42083 Bugatti Chiron?

I'm buying a used set (42083 Bugatti Chiron to be specific) and I would like to sort the parts in their original module bags. However, I can only find the complete part list, not the parts per module. ...
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How to check the missing pieces of a given set?

I have a collection of LEGO sets, from which only the B model is assembled and the remaining pieces have been lost. What is the easiest way to figure out which pieces are missing from these sets?
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Is the app to print LEGO storage labels from still available somewhere?

It seemed like the perfect solution, so that I am not printing labels that I don't need. However, the domain is for sale, and I am not well-versed in github so I don't know how to get the application ...
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Are there any good Brick Labels out there?

While resorting my large quantity of LEGO bricks, I was wondering if someone had created a library or file that included labels that could be placed on the outside of containers for a large number of ...
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Can you ID these storage bins?

I've seen snapshots of official LEGO Group design studios in books published by DK and the like. They use neat, removable drawer inserts for sorting elements, but I haven't found them available ...
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To sort or not to sort

My son is 9 and slightly ahead of the Lego curve. We have both a large number of freestyle Legos and sets of various sizes. When we open a new set, I always immediately empty all the pieces and sort ...
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How should I prepare one (currently built) LEGO set before selling it?

I have a large used LEGO set that I'm hoping to sell or gift onwards (Scorpion Pyramid). It's currently built (and therefore complete, and not mixed up with any other LEGO), but I'm not sure what to ...
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What is the best way to sort LEGO bricks? [duplicate]

I live in Hungary. I have tens of thousands of bricks at home. Over 1000 sets plus bricks. Most of the sets are sorted and packed separately, in their original boxes if they can with a box. ...
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How to speed up assembly for big LEGO technic sets (e.g. 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs)

Is there any ways to help speed up the assembly process when building big LEGO Technic set such as the 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs?
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Minimizing brick loss during play

Lego bricks are obviously made for playing---and should be played with. But, as a parent who strives to keep the set collection in order, it is not fun when bricks get lost after play and sets become ...
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LEGO brick management tips [duplicate]

My 4 year old son loves to play with LEGO and we encourage him. We built a few sets together and he mostly builds stuff from his own imagination. He likes to build new sets with us and to follow the ...
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Best way to manage LEGO blocks [duplicate]

Maybe my question is not suitable for this forum, but I figure this is the place where people have the most experience, so, here goes. My 4 year old son loves to play with LEGO and we encourage him. ...
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Best way to match minifigs and tell what set they are from?

What is the best way to match minifig torsos, legs, heads? Is there a listing of all LEGO minifigures? I have a lot of minifigs with torsos and legs but have no idea which head goes with it. ...
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What is the quickest way to weed out compatible bricks from loose LEGO?

When I buy LEGO in bulk, I often find that there are at least a few clone brand bricks mixed in with them. What is the quickest way to weed out these non-LEGO parts?
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Quick way to inventory parts

I have a rather large collection of LEGO elements that are not sorted in any way, and I'd like to keep track of them. There are a few other posts about ways to keep track of elements, and I've looked ...
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Personal part collection on the web (Bricklink or alternative)

I started using Brinklink a few months ago and although I like it, the interface is quite terrible. I'm looking for a specific feature but don't know if it's unsupported or just I cannot find it. ...
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Do you know where I can get a Brick Vac?

I am in dire need of a Brick Vac. The 2 boys 5 and 7 are building daily, but still have plenty of strays on the floor and the end of the day. With the growing popularity of Lego City building sets, ...
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How do I organize all my LEGO bricks and parts? [duplicate]

I have a massive amount of LEGO laying around in a container. It's kind of hard to sort through whenever I need parts. I was wondering if anyone has experience with many different sizes of LEGO bricks/...
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Options for sorting old and new versions of colors

I'm working on sorting my LEGO collection. I'm sorting by part then color, with colors mixed when it makes sense (e.g. black is separated out, but medium blue and dark red are together). I'm trying to ...
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How to sort complete sets from box of unsorted LEGO

My son has thousands of pieces of LEGO, but he has them all dumped in a box. Is there any way to figure out what sets they went to if I don't remember the names of them?
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How to sell massive, vintage and unsorted lego collection with manuals? [duplicate]

So I was a big LEGO collector as a child in the early 1990s. The genres I have are town/city, pirates, and castle. To store them, I broke them all down to fit into 2 giant plastic tubs. I still have ...
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How can I catalog my LEGO pieces?

I have a fairly large LEGO collection, but not large enough that I can build anything and everything, given instructions. It's already organized quite well, but how can I catalog the pieces I have so ...
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Does anyone have any successful techniques in searching for lego bricks in a pile?

We typically tip our box of Lego bricks onto a giant sheet (so that it can be easily picked up) but searching for bricks becomes really tricky and time consuming. You often remind yourself, "you'll ...
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Has anyone automated the LEGO hand sorting process beyond "pawing & piling"?

I need to rephrase my question. Has anyone built or used a large pigeon hole/ chute/ bin collection system to sort LEGO elements? The sorting system doesn't need to be made of LEGO bricks. I just want ...
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Does the LEGO company sell LEGO brick organization bins? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are some storage options? Are there official LEGO brick storage and organization bins available? If not, then what good 3rd party options are there? I'm looking to ...
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How are LEGO bricks categorized?

What are the names and categories of LEGO bricks? Is there a consistent naming scheme? Does Lego have an official name or identification for different pieces?
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What are proven methods to sort/categorize a large number of parts?

How would you recommend to sort your Lego parts? Finding a certain part in a box with parts of about 20 models takes ages. Should I sort by color? Or by size? Another category?
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