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The part-identification tag is used for questions regarding what kit a particular block is from, or what its purpose is.

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Can anyone identify this trans-neon green piece?

I've got two of these little fellas in my mixed box circa 2000. No markings and no ideas! Dish 2 x 2 Inverted for reference. *edit, added Antenna Whip 8H for another reference
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I got a vintage roof brick that is very nice but can’t find what it is?

I got these parts in a lot, but can’t find any history or brand or set on them?
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What brand is this brick with a logo that looks like an elongated C and a square?

Can anyone tell me about this brick? There is no Lego logo on it. It looks well made and fits perfectly with real Lego bricks.
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Help identifying non Lego blocks

I'm in the UK. I've been given a box of old Lego bricks from when I was a child (80s). These were mixed in. I seem to recall they made a house perhaps? They are larger than Lego, smaller than Duplo (...
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What's this rod part?

Any ideas? I can't find a part number anywhere.
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Identify brand of these non-LEGO parts

I bought a bulk of bricks, some of them are not LEGO, but the quality is perfect - gloss, fit, plates have groove, transparent parts are clear. I would like to know which brand also produces such nice ...
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Does anyone know what this piece is? 3224730, with a bar at right angles to two more-rectancular bits

I found this piece and don't have any idea where it came from or what it would be used for. The number "3224730 2" is stamped on the side. For scale reference, the long round bar portion ...
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Unknown Minifig Accessory (chrome silver/pearl gold)

I got a bunch of these in a bulk bin and cannot figure out what they are. It is possible they are not lego itself as I cannot find a lego logo on it anywhere. Anyone know what they are?
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Identify bricks, similar to LEGO without bottom tubes

I have a box of bricks with some age, that I'm unable to identify. They have some numbers on the inside which don't help and no identifying markings. I thought they could be by Halsam, however that is ...
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Can you tell me where this Mega Bloks part is from?

I found this part and was wondering what set it's from, thanks!
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help identifying mega bloks parts. AM15057 and AM15049

Good morning, i took a old box i have in my room and i want to know from what sets of megabloks is this thing. The code from the gray parts is: AM15057, and from the big other is: AM15049. 1: 2: 3:
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What Mega Bloks set is this tile with fruits from?

These pieces are from a Mega Bloks set. Does anyone know which set they're from?
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What is this micro Mega Bloks element?

I've got this Mega Bloks brick that's a 2x4 and it's smaller than the standard brick, it's 3/4"x3/8" and half the height as the standard brick. It was attached to a vehicle frame that also ...
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