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A category of powered LEGO products which offer direct and remote control of action bricks via Bluetooth. This system is the successor to Power Functions.

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Issues with Move Hub and Controller: first connected device works, but not both

I'm having issues with the move hub 88006, the controller 88010 and the Powered Up app. The issue is the same on multiple devices. Basically, whatever I connect via Bluetooth first is what works, but ...
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Technic Medium Hub - Supported Gestures of Gesture Recognition Sensor?

I am in process of writing a .NET library for PoweredUp and I am currently trying my luck with the Gesture sensor in the TechnicMediumHub (aka Control+ Hub). Below the dump of the Port(Mode)...
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Fixing a LEGO M Motor connector

I have several broken "Powered Up" M motors and I took one apart to see what was wrong. I ended up snipping off a section of the wire and re-soldering it back together but testing with an ...
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Problems with the main rotor speed in Airbus H175 (42145) set?

I'm having problems with the main rotor in "slow" position. The speed stays the same no matter what position the joystick is in. On the other hand, in "fast" position the blades ...
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How to increase the voltage supplying to technic motor through the Technic hub?

I have four Technic Large Motors, all connected to a technic hub. I am using the motor to turn some large propellers and the hub is powered by six 1.5 V (maybe less) batteries depending on the brand. ...
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The Powered Up app won't connect to my Technic Hub

I have recently bought a Technic Hub and four Powered Up L motors, but currently I only put two motors into the B and D ports of the hub. I downloaded the Powered Up app to a tablet and used the "...
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What is the dimensions of lego spike motor?

Any Ideas on what is the dimensions of this motor, and the holes and space between them?
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Can you print a LEGO Powered Up connector with a 3D printer?

Has anyone ever printed a LEGO Powered Up connector with a 3D printer? Currently, I'm using a modified SATA adapter for some LED lights on my train.
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